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Welcome to the Religion and Ethics BBS. This is a place to discuss and learn about matters of faith, spirituality, ethics and morality. It is a forum for people of all faiths -- or no faith at all -- to talk about belief systems. This is a forum for discussion and is not a place to come in with a closed mind. This is a place one comes to understand...not to judge...not to brainwash...not to copy and paste the same things over and over.

Posts containing SPAM, profanity, personal attacks, hate speech, excessive repetitions, or links to harmful material may be removed. Please don't start more than 2 new threads in a row. Please use a handle. Off-topic posts are welcome, but please avoid excessive political posting. This is not a political board. We have a limit of only one political thread per person per page. See the DNR Information here.

To report a violation, or for any questions or complaints, please email

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