Tory Thorpe
Re: Niphururiria again
Fri Jun 1, 2012 17:04

Dear Marc

I would still want to see the Akkadian text of EA 9. NIP and NIB are not written exactly the same way in Akkadian cuneiform. That is not true. Miller is probably making small errors here.

Regards Tory

  • Niphururiria againMarc Gabolde, Fri Jun 1 16:54
    Dear Tory, Jared MILLER, Hittitologist, in his Amarna Age Chronology and the Identity of Nibḫururiya in the Light of a Newly Reconstructed Hittite Text , Altorientalische Forschungen 34... more
    • Re: Niphururiria again — Tory Thorpe, Fri Jun 1 17:04
      • EA 9, 1Marc Gabolde, Sat Jun 2 06:16
        Dear Tory, I must add that the index of Bezold & Budge, p. 154, gives : Ni-ip-ḫu-ur-ri-ri-ya for the royal name on tablet Bezold & Budge n 2, 1 (EA 9, 1). Regards
        • Re: EA 9, 1Tory Thorpe, Sat Jun 2 09:52
          Hi Marc Thank you for these links. I must say, is a wonderful online resource. I'm now searching it for A. Ungnad's article "Eponymen" in RlA 2 (1938) but it does not seem that... more
          • EA 9Marc Gabolde, Sat Jun 2 10:23
            Thanks Tory for explainations. So Nip- or Nib- ? for EA 9. As you may suspect, I disagree concerning your identification of Niphururia. Regards Marc
      • EA 9Marc Gabolde, Sat Jun 2 06:00
        Hi Tory, Two links that may help: Photos of EA 9 (BM 29785) at :... more
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