Tory Thorpe
Re: EA 9, 1
Sat Jun 2, 2012 09:52

Hi Marc

Thank you for these links. I must say, is a wonderful online resource. I'm now searching it for A. Ungnad's article "Eponymen" in RlA 2 (1938) but it does not seem that nor google books has it. Would appreciate it if anyone can assist me finding this article. I lost my old copy.

Ok back to EA 9. I stand happily corrected. The second sign /-ib/ in the Ni-ib element for the royal Egyptian name "Nebmaare" i.e. Amenhotep III (EA 1 and 17) is the same graphem in EA 9 according to the facsimilies.

I also do recall the very old publications (Bezold & Budge) considered EA 9 to be a letter addressed to Akhenaten. However I still maintain that the ni-ip-ḫu-ur-ri-ri-ia AND ni-ib-ḫu-ur-ri-ri-ia, both spellings are correct for EA 9, was neither Akhenaten nor Tutankhamen. It strikes me as significant in this regard that the Egyptian royal name in EA 9 is without the prefix of the Akkadian masculine determinative (m.).

Perhaps the letter was really addressed to the Queen-Pharaoh who began her reign at the same time as her husband and also shared the same prenomen as him? Her husband was the m.Ni-ip-ḫu-ru-ri-ia-a in KBo 14.12 iv 18 same as the m.Bi/Pi-ip-ḫu-ru-ri-ia-a in KBo 5.6 iii 7.

For me, ni-ip-ḫu-ru-ri-ia-a can be anx-xpr.w-ra, where the initial ayin in anx is lost (as in Chebros from Akhepere) and the /p/ from xpr transposed, giving : npxrwra

Regards Tory

  • EA 9, 1Marc Gabolde, Sat Jun 2 06:16
    Dear Tory, I must add that the index of Bezold & Budge, p. 154, gives : Ni-ip-ḫu-ur-ri-ri-ya for the royal name on tablet Bezold & Budge n 2, 1 (EA 9, 1). Regards
    • Re: EA 9, 1 — Tory Thorpe, Sat Jun 2 09:52
      • EA 9Marc Gabolde, Sat Jun 2 10:23
        Thanks Tory for explainations. So Nip- or Nib- ? for EA 9. As you may suspect, I disagree concerning your identification of Niphururia. Regards Marc
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