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Sun Jan 8, 2017 09:15

Jaime, Tory and Kim,

Question,---was 732BC, the 13th year of the Assyrian King Tiglath-Pileser III?

Question,---was 732BC, the death year of Retzin, King of Damascus?

Question,---was 732BC, the death year of Pekah and ac. year of Hoshea as King of Israel?

Question,---was 731BC, the actual death year for Jotham and start of Ahaz as King of Judah for 16 years,---to 715BC?

Question,---was 730BC, the "so-called" 20th year of Jotham?

I contend that some of the answers to these questions may confirm, or be cause for rejection, of my own chronology table for this section in "The Gordian Knot of the Hebrew Kings".


  • Re: SesonchosisJaime O, Sat Jan 7 18:41
    Hi Tory, thank you for the reply. "If he is not Shoshenq III then there are no monuments, no door jambs, no lintels, no walls, no temples, no priestly annals, no donation stelae, no geneaologies, no... more
    • Re: SesonchosisKim Sargerson, Sun Jan 8 12:46
      Hi Jime, Tory In post 16339 on 7/4/2016 Tory wrote "I argue Taharqa became a real king of Kush when his father died, but king in the Kushite definition and more or less "chieftain" from the Egyptian... more
    • Re: Sesonchosis — Robert P. Killian, Sun Jan 8 09:15
      • Re: SesonchosisJaime O, Sun Jan 8 16:10
        Hi Bob, thank you for your questions. Allow me to respond for myself. A) 732 BCE was the 13th year of Tiglath-Pileser III's reign. It is not my belief that any dates lower that 911 BCE (Adad-Nirari... more
        • Re SesonchosisRobert P. Killian, Mon Jan 9 00:39
          Hi Jaime O Thanks for answering my list of questions. A) 732 BCE, was 13th year of Tiglath-Pileser III's reign. B) Retzin of Damascus died in 732 BCE. Did Pekah die too? I do have 701 BCE, for... more
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