Joe Baker
Re: 5th year of Esarhaddon
Sat May 6, 2017 08:04

Hi Michael

Oops. Agreed Sidon fell in 677/6, Aššur-aḫa-iddina’s 4th year. But SAA 10 112 still provides some problems if it concerns lunar eclipses. For Bel-ušezib specifically says that Sidon fell “last year” (šaddaqad) during a year of five eclipses. But only in 676/5, Aššur-aḫa-iddina’s 5th year were there 5 lunar eclipses in a single Assyrian year. Furthermore Dietrich’s placement of eclipse that Bel-ušezib observed during the middle of an Assyrian campaign as the one of Julian 21 Mar 675 does not make sense because the Assyrian campaign season normally did not commence until late March/April.

Thanks for the reference to the Tell Ahmar stele (Esarhaddon 97). Since this stele shows Abdi-milkutti, I can not see why Ivantchik says the other kneeling figure is Ušnaḫurri, and that the stele was probably set up in 677/6 some 6 years before Ušnaḫurri was captured. The mention of the suppression of the revolt of Uabu shows it was written in year 5 or later.

Regards Joe

  • Re: 5th year of EsarhaddonMichael Liebig, Sat May 6 04:57
    Hi joe, You write: "Now Dietrich appears to have the incorrect date for the eclipse. It must be that of Julian 14 Sep 675 because the eclipse of Julian 21 Mar 675 actually occurred in the previous... more
    • Re: 5th year of Esarhaddon — Joe Baker, Sat May 6 08:04
      • Re: 5th year of EsarhaddonMichael Liebig, Sat May 6 11:20
        Hi Joe, Because the Heidel Prisma (now RINAP 4, 2) has the date 22.II. 676/75 and report the conquest of Sidon, this conquest was before. This was the starting point. „Last year, when the moon was... more
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