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Thu Jul 13, 2017 13:43

Hi again Marianne, (not too Anonymous, huh,)

You wrote: in article 17644. For example "In the 55th year of the reign of Pharoah king of Egypt, reigned Moses in Kush. Moses was 27yrs old when he began to reign over Kush, and forty years did he reign". These are your words, Marianne.

So, in my apparent unsuccessful attempt to use the math in your paragraph, to establish this, as a link, and convince you that Jasher just may have a bit more credence than our current Holy Scripture in the use of the 210 sequential Year period from 130 Jacob, in 2238AM, 1523CJ/BC, +131yrs = 1654BC, to Exodius in 2448AM, 1313CJ/BC, +131yrs = 1444BC.

On two occasions, now, (17644 & 17648), you have stated that I have not responded to your question about why I regard Jasher as providing better sequential biblical information and may actually supply us with a working 210 Year timeline that could lead us to the identity of the Pharoah of Exodus. Pay attention! This is my response:

Since Thutmose III did reign approximately 55 years, from 1479BC, through the complete 21 year reign of Queen Hatshepsut, and he actually died about 1425BC. (As I have 'posted' in 'Chronicle). 80 Moses: in 35th Thutmose III, 2248AM, 1313CJ/BC, +131yrs =1444BC, just about 13 years after your 22/23 Thutmose III, may be very close.

Do you suppose, can you imagine, 180 Year just may be: 1st Exodus in Moses: 50th year 2418AM, 1351CJ/BC, +131yrs = 1474BC, and 30 years later: in 210 Year was: 2nd Exodus in Moses: 80th year, 2448AM, 1313BC/BC, =131yrs = 1444BC.

Do you suppose?

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    Robert wrote: "Moses was 27yrs old, (when he begins 40yr reign in Kush)), in 157th year, at death of Kikanus, king of Kush." In the 55th year of which king of Egypt? "Exodus: Passover at 'midnight'... more
    • Re: The Book of JasherRobert Killian, Fri Jul 14 01:34
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        In my 'Post' 177754: The correct year of St. Jerome's 'Revision' and 'updated' of the 'Chronicle' of Eusebius is actually about 420AD, NOT 420BC, as I, again, failed to 'check-before-posting' my... more
    • Re: The Book of Jasher — Robert Killian, Thu Jul 13 13:43
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        Robert wrote: "Hi again Marianne, (not too Anonymous, huh,)" I never try to be anonymous here. Sometimes I forget to put my name in the "Author" box--that's all, When you leave it blank it calls you... more
        • Re: The Book of JasherMarianne Luban, Fri Aug 18 09:57
          I was rereading some of these posts today to get a sense of the entire discussion and its most salient points and.... Robert: "You wrote: in article 17644. For example "In the 55th year of the reign... more
          • Re: The Book of JasherRobert Killian, Sat Aug 19 01:13
            Marianne, Ok!---as I wrote,---"let's just forget it"! Please !! That's enough scattered-willful confusion,---for me! Peace, always Robert Monaco
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              I didn't write that post for you, Robert, but to clarify something I had written. I couldn't care less how you feel about anything I post here. So don't be confused about that. You've already stated... more
        • The Book of JasherRobert Killian, Thu Jul 13 16:37
          Ok!--- let's just forget it!
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