Marianne Luban
Re: Dahamunza Again
Tue Jul 18, 2017 09:41

Joe wrote, quoting Chris Bennett:

"Mean date of inundation ("plenitude"): August 17 (corresponding to August 13 at Thebes)"

There is something wrong with this. In my research the first signs of the flooding were seen at Aswan at the end of June, normally. How is it possible the waters didn't rise at Thebes until mid-August? Also, Nasr e-khosrow, a Persian author who spent three years in Egypt ca. 1000 CE, making many interesting observations wrote "when the sun is in Cancer" the flood began. The dates for the sign of Cancer are June 21-July 22. Early astrologers knew it took 12 lunar cycles [i.e., months] for the sun to return to its original position. The ancient Egyptian Civil Calendar has the flood season running from July through October. This is because, in a perfect year, the beginning of the first month corresponded with the sighting of Sothis. The flooding also appeared at this same time. The season of Prt [winter] began in the dry season with the planting and the harvest came at its end.

As you may recall, it took me a long time to adopt a chronology. I couldn't possibly have had a preconceived preference for one over the other. But I tested them vis a vis the texts and the high chronology won--and radiocarbon results also confirmed. Yes, it is true that the viable chronologies only differ by 25 years but you are not correct when you say that this doesn't matter to anything. It certainly does. Thutmose III succeeding in 1504 BCE is best all around.

  • Re: Dahamunza AgainJoe Baker, Tue Jul 18 07:05
    Hi Marianne If the addressee had been Amunhotep III, I doubt any "ancestors" would have been mentioned because all this diplomacy probably didn't go back any farther than the reign of Thutmose IV.... more
    • Re: Dahamunza Again — Marianne Luban, Tue Jul 18 09:41
      • Re: Dahamunza AgainMarianne Luban, Wed Jul 19 09:42
        Moreover, my High Chronology agrees with the math set forth by Eusebius in his "Chronicon" [via St. Jerome] and Robert Killian should pay close attention to this. I now believe I have solved the... more
        • Re: DahamunzaRobert Killian, Thu Jul 20 03:12
          Marianne, You can rest assured that I am paying close attention, to this, your latest attempt to reconstruct this portion of History. I can also assure you that, as you should know by now, that... more
          • Re: DahamunzaMarianne Luban, Thu Jul 20 10:12
            Robert: "You can rest assured that I am paying close attention, to this, your latest attempt to reconstruct this portion of History." It is at least partly history as the math calculates backwards... more
            • re: MosesRich McQuillen, Fri Jul 21 22:40
              Hi Marianne, We are in agreement with your reading, and that your reading is in alignment with Standard Biblical Chronology. ***** I don't subscribe to standard Biblical Chronology, with the cut off... more
              • re: MosesMarianne Luban, Sat Jul 22 09:55
                Rich wrote: "I don't subscribe to standard Biblical Chronology, with the cut off point of before David. All of those Patriarchs from Methuselah to Moses living such long lives, it doesn't make sense... more
                • re: Temple of JerusalemRich McQuillen, Sat Jul 22 20:06
                  "But who designed the Jerusalem Temple in your scheme? Frank Lloyd Wright? Sorry--couldn't resist." -- I love the reference. :) The temple of Solomon hasn't been found yet...... more
                  • re: Temple of JerusalemRobert Killian, Mon Jul 24 04:14
                    Hi Rich, has: Siamun:986 to 967. has: Siamun: 986 to 967. Mattis Kantor, in "THE JEWISH TIME-LINE ... more
                  • re: Temple of JerusalemMarianne Luban, Sun Jul 23 09:22
                    Rich: "In my scheme, or timeline, I have Solomon as a contemporary of Siamun in Egypt(975BC)." That's pretty standard but, previously you wrote: "Moses 140 years later in 1159BC(Ramses 4)". How do... more
                    • re: Judges 11:26Rich McQuillen, Wed Aug 2 22:28
                      "In fact, in Judges 11:26 it states that Israel had been in Canaan for 300 years already" -- The chronology in that passage is in dispute. Note: I don't have an opinion on this dispute at this time.... more
                  • re:Temple of JerusalemRobert Killian, Sun Jul 23 00:48
                    Hi Rich, Perhaps: a sequence like this? David 1008 to 968 Siamun ac.986 to 967 Solomon: ac.968 to 928 Psusennes II ac.967 to 943 Rehoboam: ac.928 to 911 Jeroboam: ac.928 to 907 Shoshenq I: ac.943 to... more
              • re: MosesRobert Killian, Sat Jul 22 04:00
                Hi Rich, For the 'Actual' birth date of Moses: Jewish calendar count 1948AM, 1813CJ/BCE, + 131yrs = 1944BCE. See: . Enjoy,
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