Re: Wadi Gasus, Takelot III and JF's offer
Sat Jun 28, 2003 04:54 (XFF:

Dear Leo,and all

some comments :

Leo :Fred's suggestion that Year 19 of WG could belong to Kashta and Year 12 to Takelot III seems particularly tenous since Amenirdis I(Kashta's Grand daughter) 1)may Not have been born yet during Year 12 of Kashta or 2)she may have been just a child at this time--since she survived into Shabaka's reign at the very least.

FP : ??? Amenirdis I was not Kashta granddauter, but his daughter, and could well have been a little girsl when she was adopted as were all God'wife (cf. Shepenupet I, Nitocris or Ankhnesneferibre who were all girls when adopted and died old).

On Shabaka-Nimlot being Wadi Gasus kings, it seems very improbable that Shabaka has left a king in Hermopolis because he installed himself in Egypt, contrary to Piankhy. So he probably control directly the Valley to Memphis.



  • Wadi Gasus, Takelot III and JF's offerLeo, Sat Jun 28 02:38
    Hello JF, Fred and All, JF, an offer of help from you wld be appreciated concerning just the Broekeman paper. You stated that there were Four articles of deep interest to you in the more recent JEA... more
    • Re: Wadi Gasus, Takelot III and JF's offer — Fred, Sat Jun 28 04:54
      • Amenirdis I & Ini Si-EseLeo, Sat Jun 28 15:09
        Oops...Please ignore my other post below with the same title. I must have hit the return key a bit too early. Firstly, my apologies to Fred, I did not recall that Amenirdis I was the Daughter of... more
        • Re: Amenirdis I & Ini Si-EseLeo, Sat Jun 28 17:33
          The Year 3 Quay text that Broekeman speaks about wld have been made c.15-20 Years after the Year 6 QLT for Takelot III. Assuming Takelot III had a reign of 19 Years, his Year 19 minus his Year 6 wld... more
          • Re: Amenirdis I & Ini Si-EseIan, Sat Jun 28 18:00
            Dear Leo, In fact the epithet -meryamun would be applicable to virtually any pharaoh of this period (or for that matter for anyone from Ramesses II to Taharqo). I have yet to see Broekman's... more
            • Amenirdis IIan, Sun Jun 29 18:02
              Dear Leo, Kitchen, TIP, 382, mentions that the God's Wife Amenirdis I is named in a Year 15 graffito of Shabaqo from the Wadi Hammamat. I do not know any details about this text and whether it... more
              • Ian, Does Morkot's theory say that the Year 12 date at Wadi Gasus should refer to Amenirdis' tenure as God's Wife rather than as a datable reference to her royal superior--whether it be Kashta, Piye... more
                • Amenirdis IIan, Mon Jun 30 09:55
                  Hi Leo, Sorry, I mistyped Year 15 for Year 12. Both the Wadi Gasus and the Wadi Hammamat graffiti associate a Year 12 with Amenirdis I. In the former case Shepenwepet I is also named, and associated... more
      • Amenirdis I & Ini Si-Ese (nm)Leo, Sat Jun 28 14:36
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