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Sat Jun 28, 2003 17:33 (XFF:

The Year 3 Quay text that Broekeman speaks about wld have been made c.15-20 Years after the Year 6 QLT for Takelot III. Assuming Takelot III had a reign of 19 Years, his Year 19 minus his Year 6 wld leave us with 12-13 Years. If we throw in a brief reign of c.2-3 Years for Rudamun and another 2-3 Yrs for Ini, we wld get an interval of c.16-20 Years from the Year 6 date of TIII to the Year 3 date of Ini. Personally, I am not fully comfortable with such as large gap in time for the two inscriptions but anything is possible.

I rather much prefer Broekeman and Fred's view that the Year 3 QLT belongs to Rudamun since then we wld have a gap of only 13-14 Years. But as scholars we must consider all aspects of a case. BTW, since Broekeman notes that the Amun form of the Meryamun is indeed a late post Sheshonq III form of writing this text, a longer reign of more than 6 Years for TIII can be inferred to allow for the passage of time when this orthographic change occured until its appearance in Year 3 of Rudamun/Ini. Anyway, I hope someone may know more about Ini's royal titulary and Amenirdis I's role at Thebes during Kashta's reign at Napata.

Thank You.

  • Amenirdis I & Ini Si-EseLeo, Sat Jun 28 15:09
    Oops...Please ignore my other post below with the same title. I must have hit the return key a bit too early. Firstly, my apologies to Fred, I did not recall that Amenirdis I was the Daughter of... more
    • Re: Amenirdis I & Ini Si-Ese — Leo, Sat Jun 28 17:33
      • Re: Amenirdis I & Ini Si-EseIan, Sat Jun 28 18:00
        Dear Leo, In fact the epithet -meryamun would be applicable to virtually any pharaoh of this period (or for that matter for anyone from Ramesses II to Taharqo). I have yet to see Broekman's... more
        • Amenirdis IIan, Sun Jun 29 18:02
          Dear Leo, Kitchen, TIP, 382, mentions that the God's Wife Amenirdis I is named in a Year 15 graffito of Shabaqo from the Wadi Hammamat. I do not know any details about this text and whether it... more
          • Ian, Does Morkot's theory say that the Year 12 date at Wadi Gasus should refer to Amenirdis' tenure as God's Wife rather than as a datable reference to her royal superior--whether it be Kashta, Piye... more
            • Amenirdis IIan, Mon Jun 30 09:55
              Hi Leo, Sorry, I mistyped Year 15 for Year 12. Both the Wadi Gasus and the Wadi Hammamat graffiti associate a Year 12 with Amenirdis I. In the former case Shepenwepet I is also named, and associated... more
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