Amenirdis I
Sun Jun 29, 2003 18:02 (XFF:

Dear Leo,

Kitchen, TIP, 382, mentions that the God's Wife Amenirdis I is named in a Year 15 graffito of Shabaqo from the Wadi Hammamat. I do not know any details about this text and whether it actually specified Shabaqo as the king. But, trusting Kitchen until proven wrong, this may support Morkot's ascription of Year 12 at Wadi Gasus to Amenirdis I. (Actually that theory is older than Morkot, but anyway.)

Best, Ian

  • Re: Amenirdis I & Ini Si-EseIan, Sat Jun 28 18:00
    Dear Leo, In fact the epithet -meryamun would be applicable to virtually any pharaoh of this period (or for that matter for anyone from Ramesses II to Taharqo). I have yet to see Broekman's... more
    • Amenirdis I — Ian, Sun Jun 29 18:02
      • Ian, Does Morkot's theory say that the Year 12 date at Wadi Gasus should refer to Amenirdis' tenure as God's Wife rather than as a datable reference to her royal superior--whether it be Kashta, Piye... more
        • Amenirdis IIan, Mon Jun 30 09:55
          Hi Leo, Sorry, I mistyped Year 15 for Year 12. Both the Wadi Gasus and the Wadi Hammamat graffiti associate a Year 12 with Amenirdis I. In the former case Shepenwepet I is also named, and associated... more
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