Year 12 of 'King' Amenirdis? & 3 other remarks
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Does Morkot's theory say that the Year 12 date at Wadi Gasus should refer to Amenirdis' tenure as God's Wife rather than as a datable reference to her royal superior--whether it be Kashta, Piye or Shabaka? If this is what Morkot means to say, then I wld find it quite difficult to accept that Amenirdis I wld have enjoyed the exclusive royal prerogative of having her own Dating system. After all, the Year 19 date at Wadi Gasus makes a mention of the God's Wife Shepenupet, but almost no one wld say that it refers to her own tenure as God's Wife. I do wonder if this is a widely accepted theory in the Egyptological Community but I must confess my bias towards the Conventional theory of 2 separate kings whose reigns overlapped.

I must say that I am somewhat surprised by Amenirdis I mention in a Year 15 Graffito of Shabaka's at the Wadi Hammamat quarries. From my patchy knowledge of the situation, Shabaka is attested by a reasonable amount of Year 14 monuments/inscriptions but his sole Year 15 date(Year 15 II Shemu 11) appears on a Sphinx monument. If I am mistaken in my information, then there wld now be two Year 15 dates attested for Shabaka.

Thirdly, since Amenirdis I was known to be alive as late as Year 15? of Shabaka's reign, she must definitely have been a child when she was appointed to the position of God's Wife during Kashta's reign as Fred has argued in an earlier post. If we assume that Amenirdis I was 8 Years old at the time of her appointment and 1)Kashta died in his 13th Year and 2)Piye died after a reign of 31 Years, Amenirdis I wld have been 54-55 years old by the 15th Year of Shabaka. This is plausible, I suppose, since some officials did survive into their 50's and 60's in Ancient Egypt(Fred has even cited the careers of certain Octogenarians and even Nonagenarians!) although the norm was for death in one's 30's to mid-40's as a study of the lifespan of certain New Kingdom officials showed. Of course, a less 'complicated' interpretation of the evidence wld be for Amenirdis to be made God's Wife around Year 12 of Piye; then she wld only have been c.41-42 years old at the time the Wadi Hammamat date was inscribed.

If you have carefully read what I have just said above, I think you can easily see the Conundrum that the infuriatingly anonymous Year 12 Wadi Gasus date presents to Egyptologists. Under most scenarios, using the career of Amenirdis I, we cannot unequivocally rule out either Kashta(as Fred now thinks) or Piye as the WG king. Your guess is as good as mine!! As an aside, Kitchen pegs Kashta's reign at 13 Years or 760-747 BC but methinks he just chose 760 BC "out of the air"--so to speak--for Kashta's theoretical accession date since he had already consciously marked out 747 BC as the start of Piye's reign for his TIP book. And, I doubt that anyone really has a handle on the length of Kashta's reign.

BTW, do you, JF, Chris or Joe know when Amenirdis I was first attested as the sole God's Wife without having to share this position with Shepenupet? If I had to venture a guess, I wld say that this transition happened either in the second half of Piye's reign or the very early years of Shabaka kingship.

Sorry for the long post or my 4 points, but I hope it wld spark some discussion on these really difficult issues. Thank You.

  • Amenirdis IIan, Sun Jun 29 18:02
    Dear Leo, Kitchen, TIP, 382, mentions that the God's Wife Amenirdis I is named in a Year 15 graffito of Shabaqo from the Wadi Hammamat. I do not know any details about this text and whether it... more
    • Year 12 of 'King' Amenirdis? & 3 other remarks — Leo, Mon Jun 30 02:25
      • Amenirdis IIan, Mon Jun 30 09:55
        Hi Leo, Sorry, I mistyped Year 15 for Year 12. Both the Wadi Gasus and the Wadi Hammamat graffiti associate a Year 12 with Amenirdis I. In the former case Shepenwepet I is also named, and associated... more
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