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Hi Ian!

I tried to write to you earlier, but your server appears to systematically refuse anything I send to it. Anyway, I've asked Leo to forward the message (about JEA 88 and a very short PS on Persian Chrono) to you.

So on to other matters...

Yes, you "gave me" an argument when you wrote that message, earlier this week... (You guys I've been so "word happy since the last few days, I can hardly keep up with you!)

But first just to go further on your point that the Bakenranef burial is known by many stelae and the Shabaka one by only 1... From the Louvre Catalogue, I can count, only three stelea bear the name of Bakenranef (#91, 101 and 121), 7 others within this range bear the date "year 6" without naming the king, but must belong here. All others are dated by style. They could therefore belong to two separate burials. The group of stelae from some year 4 (Shoshenq V according to Mariette) also bears striking resemblance to the stelae of this "year 6" group, possibly giving us a second "pool" from which to assign texts to a different year 2 Shabaka burial.

Your latest argument about the victory reflections are interesting... But see Morkot's comments on the value of this very nice scarab. Some have proposed a Sinaļ campaign for Shabaka. The Karnak comment could follow the same logic.

Now, the new argument, though partly spotted by Fred.

In the year 12 WG graffito, Amenirdis I is simply "Adoratrix of the God" By some point within the reign of Shabaka, she is well attested as "God's Wife of Amun" (see Morkot again... or your own post. That's what gave me the argument!).

In his JEA 88 article, Dodson clearly shows the progression of the titles of each god's wife: when adopted, they are only "adoratrix of the God". Once the adoptress died, they became "God's Wife of Amun" in their turn. A third, intermediate title appears if the adoratix themselves adopt a future heiress: the new junior becomes the new Adoratrix, while the "not yet" God's Wife becomes the "God's hand". This much, at least, seems to have been true for Amenirdis I (Amenirdis II never became God's Wife and retained the title "God's Hand" to her death, perhaps because she went to Nubia, married and had children...).

Now, let's look at the Osiris Heqa Djet's temple. In it, the most frequently used (if not the only) title of Amenirdis is "God's Hand", furthermore, as reported by Fred (and seen in situ by the both of us), Shepenupet I is definitely represented as alive in the _Nubian_ part of this small temple. So Amenirdis still wasn't senior God's wife 'till at least some point within the reign of Shabatka...

Following Dodson's new study and my own hypothesis that Shabatka ruled before Shabaka, I would therefore present the following relative chronology:

Early (following Ddoson) in the reign of Osorkon III:
Osorkon installs his daughter Shepenupet I as "God's Wife of Amun"

Reign of Kashta:
Shepenupet adopts Kashta's daughter, Amenirdis I, who becomes "Adoratrix of the God" (WG graffito either here or under Piankhy)

Reign of Piankhy (post year 12):
Amenirdis I adopts Shepenupet II, Piankhy's daughter. The former becomes the first "God's Hand" while Shepenupet II becomes the new "Adoratrix of the God".

Reign of Shabatka:
Construction of the additions to Osiris temple, with Shepenupet I still God's Wife, Amenirdis as God's Hand and Shepenupet II as Adoratrix. The eldest propbably died during the construction as it is my _unverified_ understanding that the temple's front scene has Amenirdis as God's Wife.

Reign of Shabaka:
Amenirdis certainly is God's Wife. She probably died before the end of the reign (but after year 12), leaving Shepenupet II alone as God's Wife, with no heir before Taharqa's reign.

Wishing all a nice week,
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