Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo and Rudamun
Wed Jul 2, 2003 07:52 (XFF:

Hi all

1. AFAIK the only objection to my genealogy is that Shepenupet 2 is not the sister of Shabaka. I understand there is an inscription stating this, but does it use a generic term to describe the relationship, ie is the language capable of a broader meaning.

2. How many monuments at Thebes actually mention Rudamon. Following Fred's suggestion that year 12 could be Kashta, I am looking at a possibility where Ini succeeded Takelot at Thebes while Rudamon succeeded Takelot at Hermopolis. But later Ini was desposed by Kashta. and then Kashta allowed Rudamon some defacto recognition in Thebes - as illustrated by the year 19/year 12 inscription.

Regards Joe

Regards Joe

  • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo. Try it again JoeJoe Baker, Wed Jul 2 07:40
    Hi all Well-ll-ll, so Fred is investigating a reversal of Shabaka/Shabataka and seems to be quite enthusiastic about it (he has announced it here and on the NC list). And using many of the arguments... more
    • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo and Rudamun — Joe Baker, Wed Jul 2 07:52
      • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo and RudamunIan, Wed Jul 2 18:59
        Hi Joe, I am afraid the objections to your genealogy are far more serious than that. Not only is Shepenupet II not a sister of Shabaqo (she is the sister of Taharqo because she is the daughter of his ... more
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