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I'm still cornfused... but that's normal...
Mon Aug 8, 2011 10:19

I THINK I understand what you wrote. Speaking of the economy and house values, we just got the assessors valuation of our house. It dropped about 25 to 30% from last year. We don't have a mortgage so it's all on paper, not "real"... I just hope our real estate taxes also drop 25% but that's not likely to happen.

The .45-70 has been spoke for but the Bushmaster, Walther and Ruger Mini-14 are still available. There's always room to haggle, ya know. BTW, the Walther comes with a really nice IWB holster. I bought the holster and THEN discovered that my "body style" didn't work with an IWB holster that well. So, it's practically brand new.

  • Paying for life & life ins.Big John, Mon Aug 8 10:08
    John, It's not that confusing, I just don't write well. A few years ago when everyone thought life would go on as before (before most of us had ever heard the name Obama), my dad's house was... more
    • I'm still cornfused... but that's normal... — John Ammeter, Mon Aug 8 10:19
      • State of Confusion, USABig John, Tue Aug 9 02:47
        Along with a massive head injury I received a massive problem with complex problems. If there is more than one part to deal with I'm screwed and didn't even get to toss the used condom into a... more
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