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Simeon B
Club Champs 20 mile - Prov. RESULTS + report
Tue Mar 11, 2014 01:07

Another successful Club 20 was held on Saturday. Most surprising was the number of entrants with around 57 runners crossing the starting line, and 40 (maybe 41) crossing the finishing line, an amazing increase on recent years. Great to see so many enthusiastic club members and guests getting involved with what is always a tough mental and physical race.

Well done Tom Heslop who tried some variable pacing to finish comfortably first, well under two hours. Connor was a few minutes behind and was said to be nearly hallucinating on account of his efforts made. Good thing Rebecca was there at the finish, as she was for all of us. New member Andrew Leveson showed much promise after his leisurely start turning up the pace to take some places and finish 3rd. Andrew has already gone sub 2:40 for the marathon, I look forward to seeing future results from this fine and friendly athlete. For the vets, special note to Matthew Thompson who has never run competitively over the half marathon distance and put in a sterling effort to finish as first MV40. Peter Frsiby has been running very well recently and was rewarded with a fine 2:40 time. Also of note Club 20 Greg McClure (brother of Mel) who ran very well and was, I believe, off to run the Finchley 20 the next day!

It was a day for our strong vet women, with all three fastest females also being FV40. Well done Jo Singer, another name on the trophy. Not her fastest time ever, but pretty close from this consistently quick club member. Naomi was less than 30 seconds behind, continues her cracking form at the moment. Catherine McLaughlin came in just a few minutes later.

Conditions were dry, quite sunny, a little windy.

Highlights from the day:
- Winner Tom Heslop had never before ran this distance. In preparation for his first marathon attempt this April. Expect great things from one of the clubs greatest all-rounders.
- Many other runners had never run/raced at this distance before, including Alex Lewis and Catherine McLaughlin training for their first marathons.
- Maeve Rutt (guest) who had only run 13 miles before this race
- Mordi actually completing a race
- Declan perfectly pacing Philippa to a new PB. Well done both!
- Great to see June Barrow-Green out in the park too. Rumours this may be her last or many marathons...

Basic Results
POS	Race #	Name	Finish	Club Champs
1 76 Tom Heslop 1:58:09 1st M
2 88 Connor Johnston 2:04:54 2nd M
3 210 Andrew Leveson 2:04:57 3rd M
4 191 Dermot Bryers 2:06:00 4th M
5 49 Neil Cook 2:07:56 5th M
6 198 John McKeane 2:08:24 6th M
7 6 Simeon Bennett 2:09:13 7th M
8 209 Brad Clarke 2:10:14 8th M
9 59 David Jones 2:13:23 9th M
10 211 Rodney Mushanganyisi 2:15:00 10th M
11 16 Mark Sciberras 2:16:50 11th M
12 62 Andy Hutson 2:16:50 12th M
13 63 Matthew Thompson 2:19:55 1st MV40
14 91 Tim Senior 2:21:30 12th M
15 102 Daniel Mutlow 2:21:30 13th M
16 194 Anthony Withstandley 2:23:23 14th M
17 5 Greg McClure 2:25:23 guest (MV50)
18 196 Jo Singer 2:25:46 1st F (also FV40)
19 208 Naomi Bourne 2:26:09 2nd F (1st FV40)
20 24 Dan O'Sullivan 2:26:56 15th M
21 205 Catherine McLaughlin 2:30:37 3rd F
22 7 Stanley Greening 2:33:22
23 192 Sean Rivers 2:35:14
24 54 Sophie Donges 2:38:37
25 72 Laura Morgan 2:40:04
26 80 Peter Frisby 2:40:12
27 95 Joe Feltham 2:43:22
28 20 Joanna Albert 2:43:23
29 22 Chris Newcombe 2:44:54
30 99 Alex Britton 2:47:07
31 36 June Barrow-Green 2:48:21
32 53 Thomas Deplane 2:51:58
33 13 Graham Gibbs 2:52:58
34 8 Alexander Lewis 2:54:44
35 96 Philippa Cockman 2:58:36
36 97 Declan Phelan 2:58:36
37 86 Maeve Rutt 3:07:08
38 90 Alex Bertschin 3:07:09
39 202 Mario Dalmedu 3:09:16
40 67 Ebolum Mordi 3:20:00
41 199 Patrick Fenn 3:22:13
42 78 Robin Norton-Hale DNF
43 71 Ben Wickham DNF
44 89 Jose Bilbao DNF
45 204 Tony Lashmar DNF
46 47 Rachel Morison DNF
47 14 Paddy Williams DNF
48 46 Carl Nanton DNF
49 83 Usama Sajid DNF
50 21 Bill Cooper DNF
51 193 Rachel Allen DNF
52 87 Sarah Knox DNF
53 73 Chris Brammer DNF
54 187 John Crowe DNF
55 23 Gemma Dunlop DNF
56 75 Alan Mallia DNF
57 197 Alex Moreau DNF
58 93 Victor Sarramian DNF
59 214 Mystery Person DNF

Full results:

The resutls are provisional. Please contact me with any queries changes. There are a few more updates to do over the coming week, tweeks to the lap times. The latest version will always be found at the spreadsheet link. Thanks to those who helped me over many hours decipher, type and present the results you see attached. No small feat I can tell you.

A big thank you to: primary time keepers who worked very hard to record the lap data:
- Major Carr
- Len Williams
- Richard Norton-Hale
- Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi (timing and drinks)

Other helpers:
- Dave West (marshalling)
- Sue Bint (timing)

- Rob Pitkethley, Naomi, Cate, Vicky F (and Sim!) for cakes etc.

Special thanks to Victor and Duncan providing exceptional mobile support, carrying drinks, providing support and live race updates - just brilliant.

No doubt I have missed people out here, please feel free to reply to add your own comments and report. It was a great event. Once again I thank all those who ran, supported, helped out and kept this historic event as alive and as healthy as ever. Long may this continue. See you next March.

Men's Road and XC Captain

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