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The Floats
Mon Jun 4, 2018 8:34am

came from a paddle boat that the owner cot off with a chain, he was going to make a raft for his grand kids but never got around to it. The floats are hollow and hopefully water doesn't get in over the top edge. Capacity to get that deep in the water is 2600 lbs. I would have been easier if I could have gotten some 6in. PVC caps. The plugs in the 6in PVC are made from birch and epoxied in then painted.I have some high quality silicone sealant that is going to be added over them. If they do leak they should swell anyhow and seal shut leak an old cedar boat did.If I have a problem with the floats I can add foam to the floats thru the deck. Also there is room underneath to add 30 gal.plastic barrels which give an added 250 lbs flotation each. I can get 8 of them underneath. Take the floats off and I can add 8 more. Before it goes in the water I have carpet to put on and a plastic lawn chairs in each corner which will be screwed on. And a umbrella in the middle.

  • Re: Check linkHawg Haul'r, Sun Jun 3 1:42pm
    Link works good. That is a very cool design. Where did you get the outer pontoons? those are very cool. The PVC pipe pontoons are great idea as well. I like the internal flush plugs. I don't know if... more
    • The Floats — 2lbgill, Mon Jun 4 8:34am
      • Re: The FloatsAnonymous, Tue Jun 5 8:36pm
        What a kick of a project. You know instead of the foam if need be in the pontoons, would some 30 gallon barrels fit inside of them? If you can get them at no cost putting a couple inside of the... more
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