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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 17
Tue Apr 3, 2007 11:20

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 17
Mon Dec 13, 2004 6:14pm

Hey guys, is a little short, but believe it or not another part may be possible before the night is out. Crazy real time. I went for a little bit of sisterly bonding/comedy . . . hope you find it humorous.

As always - Enjoy!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 17

Monday, December 13, 2004 – 9:14pm, New York

“How about this one?” Phoebe held up the green silk blouse for Pollux to inspect.
Pollux shrugged, “That’ll work.”
“Pollux, the goal of me bringing you Christmas shopping was so you could help me pick out Paige’s present. I’ve only known her a week.”
Pollux sighed, “That’s a good choice. Green looks good on Paige.”
Phoebe nodded, “Thank you. We’ll find some pants and a jacket to go with it . . . maybe some shoes too. Now, what is her size?”
“Uh . . . small?” Pollux sounded more than a little unsure.
“Are you asking or telling?”
“Guessing – definitely guessing.”
“You don’t know Paige’s size?”
Pollux took a step back and held her arms out from her side, showing off her black jeans, a wine colored button up dress shirt she had stolen from an old boyfriend, leather jacket, and sneakers. “Do I look like I know a lot about clothes?”
Phoebe shook her head, “You may have a point, little sister.”
“I do. Trust me. I just wear them, I don’t agonize over buying them or deciding which will look best on me that day.”
“How do you get away with that? Nine out of ten females I know couldn’t even come close to pulling that look off – on you it just looks natural.”
Pollux smiled, “It’s a gift. And all about the attitude.”
Phoebe shook her head, “Alright, we’ll go with small.”
“Good. Sorry I’m no good in the clothes department.”
“Well, you are good in other departments. Speaking of, what else can I buy Paige? I mean should I get her a new something for her job? Does she have any hobbies? Is there anything she’d like to have?”
Pollux thought a moment, “She used to draw a lot . . . and paint. She’s good at art.”
“Yeah, she hasn’t done it in a long time though cause her job takes up a lot of time.”
“Okay, we’ll find some art supplies after this,” Phoebe continued to peruse the clothes. “So, how was Drew when you took him back to his apartment?”
“Okay. His mother had calmed down considerably and his sister Jacqueline had flown in from the West Coast to help them out.”
Phoebe pulled a very nice woman’s black leather coat out, “How about this?”
Pollux nodded, “It’s nice. But I thought when you said jacket you meant like blazer or something.”
“I did, but this is nice and I think it would look nice on her.”
“Sounds good.”
Phoebe held it to Pollux, “Here, try it on.”
“Yeah, get an idea of what it looks like.”
Pollux sighed and took her jacket off. Tossing it to Phoebe, she slipped the potential Paige present on and stood a few feet back, “Well?”
Phoebe began circling her, “Nice, just . . . what is this bulge?” Phoebe pressed at the side of the coat.
“That’s my gun, Pheebs.”
Phoebe sighed, “Why do you carry that everywhere?”
Pollux exhaled, “Because I could get called in at any time or anything could happen.”
“Anything could happen? What is going to happen in a depart . . .” Phoebe’s thought was cut short by a scream from the fitting rooms’ area.
Pollux raised an eyebrow, “Hard to say. Stay back,” she jerked the coat off, tossed it to Phoebe, pulled the gun out of its holster, and headed towards the scream.
Phoebe looked skyward, “Real cute,” she commented as she rushed after Pollux.

The scream sounded again as Pollux reached the fitting rooms, “NYPD!” She rushed forward, gun at the ready.
A woman stepped out, “Help, please.”
Pollux pushed her gently out of the way and turned towards the fitting area, gun in front of her. She looked down at a woman lying on the floor, breathing heavily. The woman looked up at Pollux and screamed slightly. Pollux took a closer look, “You’re pregnant.”
“She’s in labor,” the woman Pollux had moved earlier stepped behind her.
“Uh,” Pollux fought for the words, “Why are you Christmas shopping?”
“It’s December,” the woman managed between breaths.
“Home shopping . . . QVC . . . ever heard of either?”
“Pollux?” Phoebe’s voice was heard.
Pollux ducked her head out of the fitting room, “Didn’t I tell you to stay back?”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” Pollux looked at a saleswoman, “Call an ambulance. Tell them there’s a woman in labor here.” She took a step backward and out of the booth.
“Pollux, what are you doing, shouldn’t you be . . . I don’t know . . . delivering or something,” Phoebe questioned.
“Cop, not doctor. You have the careers confused. Pollux don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies.”
“Andy had all kinds of emergency situations training.”
“Gee, Phoebe . . . could you say it a little louder? They didn’t hear you in housewares,” Pollux holstered the gun.
“I thought you wanted to protect and serve . . . start serving.”
Pollux growled, but knelt down. She looked at the woman in labor, “So, what’s your name?”
“Ca . . . Catherine . . .” the woman supplied.
“Okay, Catherine. I have to take a look and see what we have here,” Pollux raised the maternity dress. She sighed, “Well . . . that . . . that . . . that would definitely be a head.” Pollux pushed her sleeves up and looked at the woman’s friend, “Uh, can you find something to wrap the baby in? Phoebe, get over here.”
“Me? No, not me. Phoebe really don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies.”
Pollux grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her down to her side, “You’re about to learn.”
“Have you ever done this before?”
“Not . . . not actually, but . . . we’re going to be fine.” She looked at the expectant mother, “Alright Catherine, this is my sister Phoebe and unfortunately for your kid, hers is one of the first faces the poor child is going to see. Fortunately for the baby, my adorable mug is the other face it will see.”
Catherine actually managed a bit of a laugh as Phoebe shoved Pollux.
Pollux rolled her eyes, “Siblings. Okay, I just need you to breathe and get ready to push with the next contraction.”
“I can’t.”
“Sure you can. Just remember, I may be a Police Officer, but I charge the same as if you had the whole shebang.”
The woman started to laugh again, but a contraction hit.
Phoebe gasped, “Pollux?”
“It’s alright, Pheebs. Get ready to witness the miracle and pains of birth.”
End part seventeen

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