Arnie Johnson
Re: Aiming/Hours?
Fri Dec 27, 2013 19:48

Heading error definitely plays a role! The heading for the B-52D & G was derived from magnetic unless you were in an area that magnetic would reek havoc on heading such as near the magnetic pole. But, saying that, you could "swing" the heading to a correct one by utilizing at least two good reflector spots with known coordinates.
The FB-111A utilized a inertial navigation system which could be updated with accurate fixes utilizing radar, overflight, or astro-tracker. The Astro-tracker also gave good heading information. The FB-111A also had doppler radar which would feed ground track/drift and groundspeed into the navigation system.
Tie all those things together = Magic!

  • Re: Aiming/Hours?Anonymous, Fri Dec 27 07:26
    ..does a heading error play a role ? So the offsets are selected one by one, updated and entered ?
    • Re: Aiming/Hours? — Arnie Johnson, Fri Dec 27 19:48
      • Re: Aiming/Hours?Anonymous, Thu Jan 2 05:22
        Would you answer my other questions yet, please ?
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