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Sure, why not.
Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:25am

Zeb's excited to see all of these winter holidays going on, so he'll be dragging the Aviator along with him.

Zeb decided to make something for his present: a dream catcher, whose feathers were shed by Dogwig. Don't worry, they've been cleaned. The dream catcher's threads also glitter suspiciously, but he'll swear up and down it's because he accidentally dropped the spool in a puddle of Sue blood, and that was in no way intentional.

The Aviator's bringing a laser spanner she found from a Suefic. Of course, this being a Sue toy, it's got a wilver casing and a bismange light. Assuming it doesn't break down within a few months, you might want to wear sunglasses while using it. Just to be on the safe side, she's included a warning label on the present box.

  • Just so I won't be late with my contributions...SkarmorySilver, Wed Dec 30 10:04am
    Because Rashida has yet to return to active field work, let alone RC #227, the scorekeeper for this year will be Rayner. Again, if anyone wants their agent to be the moderator, let me know as soon as ... more
    • Posting from the library again...Voyd, Thu Dec 31 12:12pm
      Saying that A) my internet miiiight be coming back soon, and B) that I'm (conditionally) in. Valon: A box full of memes. Kala: A copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh, in Sumerian. Stephanie: A cask of... more
    • Sure, why not. — Iximaz, Wed Dec 30 11:25am
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