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And the Huggle Games/Hunger Glomps continue!
Tue Feb 2, 2016 6:58am

Tacitus, Kaitlyn, and Lux talk their way through Night 3, but they all have other things on their minds...

The full list of snuggles must now include Selene being torn between sucking Dafydd's blood and trying to seduce him.

hS, having fuuuuuun

  • Day 6 is up! (nm)Sergio Turbo, Tue Feb 2 6:34am
    • Post-Day 6 commentaryJames Shields, Tue Feb 2 8:34pm
      Henry : Today went rather well, all things considered. But I'm still quite ... shaken up From what happened earlier and causing another death didn't really help matters. I know this is just a game on ... more
    • Re: Day 6 is up! JulyFlame, Tue Feb 2 3:25pm
      Library: I spent the last couple nights in preparation, and it paid off fairly well. When I returned to the cornucopia I ended up in a fight with the Time Lady Morgan, and Gerry, and ended up killing ... more
    • Day Six commentaryHieronymus Graubart, Tue Feb 2 11:09am
      Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!! Why didn't I stay with Kaitlyn?! We could have found this crate together. Crunch. Munch, munch. Gulp. Yeah, the cave. That wasn't actually my cave; Dafydd had driven me out ... more
    • Day Six commentary.Neshomeh, Tue Feb 2 9:27am
      Derik *stares blankly at the camera* ... I hate this game. If—hm? Well, what do you think happened? I'm half-blind. It does leave one somewhat vulnerable. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go ... more
    • Field Commander Lola McCandless: The other night, Morgan mentioned to me that there were ways her people could track each other, kinda like a psychic trail. Time Lords are seriously damn dangerous,... more
      • I would laugh so hard...Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 9:09am
        ... if Algie tried to summon a fairy and, through translation error by the multiverse, accidentally dragged Dafydd halfway across the Arena to meet him. Dafydd would not laugh. hS
        • Well, it has just a 50/50 chance of calling him in.Sergio Turbo, Tue Feb 2 10:16am
          The other 50? Corolla. (Well, she's out of the game, but you have to agree that she's just as likely to get accidentally mistook for a fairy, if not more.)
          • My one regret in all this...Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 10:24am
            ... is that there was never an instance of Corolla snuggling with anyone. Because that would be adorable to draw. hS
            • Well, she and Zeb did team up.Iximaz, Tue Feb 2 10:30am
              Nothing says they couldn't have cuddled. ;) shhh just ignore what the RNG said
              • I drew that one already, remember? ;)Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 10:40am
                (Currently drawing Zeb and Za'kiir, it's kind of adorable. Sleepy zaplion!) hS
                • For the record...Sergio Turbo, Tue Feb 2 11:20am
                  I'm seriously considering the Golden Luxray Rider as the trophy for this year.
                  • I do not blame you in the least. (nm)Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 11:27am
                    • Maybe you should.Sergio Turbo, Tue Feb 2 11:36am
                      I tend to be the spark behind many crazy things. Have I ever mentioned that many years ago I... er... was actually the spark behind a roundrobin badfic that, when it was abandoned, had almost reached ... more
                • Well, if you count that as...Iximaz, Tue Feb 2 10:49am
                  ...snuggling his mane, I suppose it works. :P And oh, yeah. Hehe, forgot about Zeb and Za'kiir holding hands. (Paws?) Can't wait to see it. :3
                  • And see it you shall!Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 11:27am
                    (Not on Photobucket, because Photobucket has gone to sleep again.) This is even more adorable than I planned. ^_^ hS
                    • D'awwww!Iximaz, Tue Feb 2 11:29am
                      *quickly saves it to her desktop*
        • Well, I had to save something for Day 7... (nm)Scapegrace, Tue Feb 2 9:36am
          • Oh, by the way:Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 10:25am
            Do you have a visual reference for Lola? She requires art. hS
            • Only in Animoo style; I hope that's okay.Scapegrace, Tue Feb 2 11:03am
              Other things to bear in mind:- Lola is five foot dead and rather more muscular than this picture makes her look. At present, she doesn't have a gun to my knowledge. Her eyes look like that because... more
              • Ta!Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 11:29am
                Given my level of art-skills, things like 'muscles' and 'consistent height' are probably not going to work their way in. Also now I need to come up with a pose without getting myself in trouble for... more
              • But do you intend to make this Lola interact with the Notary? Cannot believe her name would be pure chance. By the way, Rinmaru has got dog tags, Third and Fourth Aviator both have them. And despite... more
    • Day 6 commentaryIximaz, Tue Feb 2 8:28am
      The Aviator: I was still hurt from the explosion and that crazy bloke attacking me--do you really think two against one was doing me any favors? Whatever. I'm off for a drink. And then I'm going to... more
    • Day 6 CommentarySeaTurtle, Tue Feb 2 7:19am
      Tacitus On one paw, my sleep was interrupted by a maniac who reached into my hole, pulled me out by the tail, threw me against a tree, and smashed my head in with a hammer. On the other, I survived... more
    • And the Huggle Games/Hunger Glomps continue! — Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 6:58am
    • Day 6 commentary.Huinesoron, Tue Feb 2 6:56am
      Dafydd I ran into Selene last night. It's been... a while since we last saw each other. She's... well, honestly she's looking a little scary right now, I don't think the game-makers thought about... more
      • The RNG works in truly mysterious ways.Sergio Turbo, Tue Feb 2 7:37am
        Also, seems that everyone's out to scare Aya. After Selene's last remark, she probably hid behind Kuroko while the latter made a mental note to put some universal anti-undead ammo (Standard Generic... more
    • Day 6 commentary.Sergio Turbo, Tue Feb 2 6:43am
      Sergio: Night was terrible. Nightmares again. Didn't went to the Cornucopia yet again, that place is dangerous. Rayson seems to have been eliminated as well - he fell into a pit or something. Someone ... more
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