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Judy Aldridge
Re: beliefs
Fri Oct 27, 2006 5:20am (XFF:

If I had a pound for every simple person who is able to read a few words in the Bible but who is completely unable to understand it, I would be richer than John Paul Getty by now.

  • beliefsMurphyMobile, Thu Oct 26 7:38pm
    Pam- You state you believe in God. Now, you do not mention whether you are a Christian. There is a difference. God is part of the Old Testament in the Bible. And that is where "an eye for an eye"... more
    • Re: beliefs — Judy Aldridge, Fri Oct 27 5:20am
      • The BibleMurphyMobile, Sat Oct 28 11:00pm
        Judy, How can you address me as a simple person when you have never met me. But I would rather be that than a complicated one. I only picked out the few words in the Bible simply because there is not ... more
        • Re: The BibleJudy Aldridge, Sun Oct 29 7:09am
          We are just simple people, we do not have any superhuman powers. It takes a person of great wisdom to fully understand the Bible and very few people can do that. Best wishes, Judy
          • To JudyCarol, Mon Oct 30 3:08am
            Amen sister!!!
    • Danny RollingsPam, Thu Oct 26 8:55pm
      Hi, I am a Christian, I believe in God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. I just want to say that you do have your opinion, just as I have mine. But you believe in the death penalty, I don't. I am sure... more
      • death penaltyMurphyMobile, Thu Oct 26 9:53pm
        Pam- Thank you for responding. I was not trying to put you on the spot re: your faith. I enjoy your reply about your faith. I live in an area where people claim to be Christians but cite "an eye for... more
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