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The Bible
Sat Oct 28, 2006 11:00pm (XFF:

How can you address me as a simple person when you have
never met me. But I would rather be that than a complicated one.

I only picked out the few words in the Bible simply because
there is not enough room on this forum. Secondly, this
is an anti-death penalty forum.

  • Re: beliefsJudy Aldridge, Fri Oct 27 5:20am
    If I had a pound for every simple person who is able to read a few words in the Bible but who is completely unable to understand it, I would be richer than John Paul Getty by now.
    • The Bible — MurphyMobile, Sat Oct 28 11:00pm
      • Re: The BibleJudy Aldridge, Sun Oct 29 7:09am
        We are just simple people, we do not have any superhuman powers. It takes a person of great wisdom to fully understand the Bible and very few people can do that. Best wishes, Judy
        • To JudyCarol, Mon Oct 30 3:08am
          Amen sister!!!
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