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Silvio Spann Interview (16-May-2005).
Mon May 16, 2005 08:32

Soca Warriors Online Exclusive Interview with Silvio Spann.
Interview Conducted By: Flex.

SW Online - 1: Why do you think you weren't selected more often for T&T under former coach Bertille St Clair ?

SS: I thought for personal reasons or because he probably did not see fit to expose me at that time.

SW Online - 2: What really happened with you and the Under 20 team when coach John Granville did not select you ?

SS: Here goes:- Peter Grandville, John Grandville's brother was the Under 20 coach at the time and called upon his brother John Grandville, who then brought with him Jim Kelman an Englishman. So to cut a long story short, they had a fall out in a particular U-20 practice match that later saw Coach P. Grandville fired because of his desire for me to become the team captain. Next thing I knew I was stripped of captaincy, then as a starter, and just before the U-20 tournament, off the team completely. I would say personal reasons again.

SW Online - 3: How did you get the contract to go to Perugia ?

SS: I got the contract when Mr. Fabrizio Salvatore, general manager of Perugia Calcio in Italy was brought here on vacation by WCFC club president David John Williams. Mr. Salvatore saw me perform under W Connection against Tobago where I scored a God given goal. He wanted to see me play in a more competitive atmosphere so I played with the senior team where I produced two goals which got me a trial with Perugia.

SW Online - 4: What was the experience in Italy like ?

SS: A good one.

SW Online - 5: What was the highlight of your time in Italy ?

SS: Receiving a trophy from the city's mayor in front of more than 15,000 fans screaming our name. This was when I played for San Benedettesse Calcio.

SW Online - 6: Would you have liked to stay in Italy ?

SS: Yes, I would like to have stayed, but God is in charge of my life and not me so where ever he desire that I go that is where I will be.

SW Online - 7: With the history of the Under 20 team and the Senior team where Bertille St Clair was reported to have said "players like Spann feel they arrive but they haven't"....some may say that it may seem as if you are somewhat of a controversial figure or think you are a bit above the game. What is your response to people who may feel that way ?

SS: Was Jesus a controversial person ? People always have a lot to say. Let them talk, empty barrels make the most noise. Also like my previous coach Mr. Stuart Charles would say, 'Opinions are like an asshole, everybody has one.'

SW Online - 8: Your father is Leroy Spann...a legendary name in T&T football. Was it difficult growing up being the son of such a well known player ? Did it open more doors for you that may otherwise have been closed ?

SS: Yes, it was difficult because I had to build and maintain a particular standard which people expected of me. No, it did not open any doors for me. The doors which was and would be opened to me comes from my Heavenly Father not my biological father.

SW Online - 9: Your younger brother Silas is apparently a very good player in his own right. Which one of you is better and why ? was there a sibling football rivalry growing up between you ?

SS: I wouldn't say he is better than me, but I would say he would be better off than me because I am paving the way for him. He has his blessings and I have mine. The only time we have rivalry is when we play against each other in the savannah or in the street. At the end of the day he is my little brother and I love him.

SW Online - 10: You were known as one of the better dead ball specialists in T&T when you played under coach Stuart Charles and Hannibal Najjar. Would you say this is one of your strengths ?

SS: Yeah, I would say this is one of the many talents God has blessed me with.

SW Online - 11: How did the opportunity come about to go to Japan ? How did they find out about you ? What's the standard of play like there compared to the other places you have played ?

SS: It came through my agent Louis Affor and Primeway Sports Limited along with Mr. Takashi Gndo. Mr. Takashi got me the trial at the club Yokahama F.C. At the time famous German European and World Cup winner Mr. Pierre Litbasky was the coach, he taught I was a talented player and urged the club manager to sign me. Their standard of football is good and the speed of play is fast, also, they are very technical.

SW Online - 12: Have you set any particular goals to achieve in Japan ?

SS: Yes, I have a couple.

SW Online - 13: What do you think of Leo Beenhakker's appointment as National coach ?

SS: I think that it is going to be a hard task for him but he has proven in the past that he is well qualified.

SW Online - 14: What is your best position on the field ? Why ?

SS: Midfield. I get to be the crucial link between the attack and the defense so I am able to control the flow of the game.

SW Online - 15: Who is the best T&T player you have ever played with ? Why ?

SS: Reynold Carrington and Nigel Daniel. I say this because they are great motivators and know the game. They are grounded when the going gets tough.

SW Online - 16: Who is the best player you have ever played with ? Why ?

SS: Brazilian Gefferson Goulart of W Connection. Because he is very clever and unpredictable.

SW Online - 17: After traveling all the way from Japan to come back for National team duty, how long would it take you to recover to play at your best for the National team ?

SS: Two or three days.

SW Online - 18: Who do you like to play with the most on the National team ? Why ?

SS: Nigel Daniel. We grew up together -- he is like a brother.

SW Online - 19: Which local T&T player do you adore.

SS: Kerwyn Jemmott.

SW Online - 20: Are you living in Japan by yourself or did you take your family (wife, kids etc?) with you ?

SS: Yes. I am living by myself.

SW Online - 21: Have you ever visited the Soca Warriors Online, if so, what’s your thoughts ?

SS: Yes. I visited it and I love the way the conversations are straight forward.

SW Online - 22: You have been around the local PFL League for sometime now, do you think the League is improving ?

SS: Very much.

SW Online - 23: If you had a chance to do over one thing in your life, what would that be ?

SS: Nothing. Because my life is already planned by the Almighty.

SW Online - 24: Which football player in the world do you adore the most ?

SS: Brazilian sensation Ronaldinho.

SW Online - 25: Have you ever been discriminated against because of your hair style ?

SS: Yes. I have.

SW Online - 26: Development wise, do you think you made a mistake by not returning to Italy seeing that the (league, training, players etc) over there is much better and you could have developed into a better player ?

SS: No. I do not think it is a mistake since my life has been full of blessings since then. You are still to see the best of me because I am 23 and still learning.

PS: On behalf on the Soca Warriors Online members, we say thank you Mr. Silvio Spann for taking the time out to do this Q&A Interview for us. We wish you all the best in the future. May Gob Bless you and your family.

Special thanks to Palos and Fabien Lewis.

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