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Jay Deutsch
Tue Apr 19, 2011 23:11

Was there from July to Sept 68. Worked S3 for 2/40. We slept on the 2nd floor with about 20 other guys. We were one floor below the roof with all the 292's in a row. The Xenon light was at the left corner looking north. There also was a anti personal radar set up there. If you look in the Time Life VN series books for that time period you'll find a picture taken from there. I was very short at the time and got in to an argument with a Major General over something that had happened 2 months before. He had chewed out my CO in front of myself and some other EMs. He then questioned me on why I hadn't more quickly given clearance to fire on a suspected NVA rocket position his command had requested. I wouldn't do it because I didn't know the disposition of friendly's in the area. We were firing into an adjacent AO. We argued for a few minuets when he looked down and saw I was wearing flip-flops. He told me I was out of uniform and I told him I had a medical profile. My Sec chief stepped in and told me to go upstairs. I was PO'd. I had less than 10 days left in the Army and the Gen. was acting poorly. His punishment to us was that we had to call his command every hour for a time hack. I was sent to a line Company of the 2/3. They were on a stand down so it really was an easy 3 days till I went back to BMB to check out. I had been involved in one friendly fire incident that I had tried to prevent and I wasn't going to have it happen again.

  • Fishnetjymjon, Fri Apr 15 00:17
    Interesting post. But you lost me on the relationship etqween Jackie Robinson and General Davison, outside the obvious fact they were both black. You give too much credit to Jackie Robinson and not... more
    • FISHNET — Jay Deutsch, Tue Apr 19 23:11
      • Fishnet memoriesKen Pepiton, Mon Nov 21 22:41
        Jay Duetsch, good story. We probably at least saw each other at the KHAI VINH fishnet factory, I was the commo guy or one of a team of three, who ruined potable water cans to make hot showers... more
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