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Yes, nature does deal with it
Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:32pm

It's really a matter of balance. Oil does seep on it's own from below and is eventually dispersed and eaten up. However, a full blown large well that is emptied into the ocean in a short amount of time would be a bit hard to swallow to maintain that balance. And that would add to the normal seepage that is already occurring. It could take decades for it to recover.

  • I sometimes wonder about thatLewis, Mon Aug 15 8:12am
    Oil isn't made and then inflicted on nature by man; it's a natural substance, and nature knows how to deal with it. There are many places on earth where oil spurts up, without any wells having been... more
    • Yes, nature does deal with it — Mike, Tue Aug 16 11:32pm
      • Yes, that's true tooLewis, Wed Aug 17 7:19am
        But then oil from a British rig intended for the US is no more noxious than oil from a Chinese rig intended for China - and our seaboard (Atlantic and Gulf) is littered with oil rigs of other... more
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