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Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:05pm

Makes for a good movie though.

Only extremists believe in the coming caliphate.

  • That's my story and I'm sticking to itLewis, Thu Oct 27 10:45am
    All of non-Moslem civilization is going to be engulfed by the coming caliphate. They pretty much did that once before - and never surrendered from THAT declaration of war, either. They were stopped... more
    • Impossible — Mike, Tue Jan 17 6:05pm
      • You just named the problem.Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:11am
        "Only extremists believe in the coming caliphate." Precisely. And, those extremists are in charge, and are our adversaries . . . Most people in the Western World don't even know what a "caliphate"... more
    • dont think a caliphate will survive ww3 (nm)matthew, Sat Nov 5 10:16am
      • It can survive it, start it, or stop itLewis, Sat Nov 5 11:47am
        All of the nations of the world are infested with Islam - even the remains of the old USSR. Large parts of Communist China are Moslem (have been, for centuries). The governments of the non-Islamic... more
        • And religious bigotry certainly helpsMike, Tue Jan 17 6:41pm
          Telling over ONE BILLION Moslems (almost all of whom are peaceful) that they are an infestation and a threat to the world serves nothing but endorses the very propaganda the extremists use to recruit ... more
          • "Bigotry"?Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:06am
            Is that why we have allies of the same religion? Counting dead bodies when an embassy has been blown to hell, or an airliner blown out of the air, is hardly "bigotry".
            • Just responding to what you wroteMike, Thu Jan 19 11:55pm
              "All of the nations of the world are infested with Islam" That's bigotry, plain and simple. Islam is not the problem, terrorists are. Islam didn't blow up a single embassy or an airliner any more... more
              • Then try this for a responseLewis, Fri Jan 20 12:43pm
                Read the Koran. All of the evil deeds that we decry are commandments there.
                • Just to help you get started . . .Lewis, Fri Jan 20 12:51pm
                  ( didn't take time to reformat. But even you should be able to read:) Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191) Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123) When... more
        • so why dont you like a CALIPH ?matthew, Fri Nov 18 1:26pm
          maybe a GRAND MUFTI or WALI or VIZIER or MAHDI or other sexier title may be better....?
          • You can do better than thatLewis, Sun Nov 20 2:19pm
            Of course the title makes no difference. By any name, it will be an Islamic theocracy. That would be anathema to be as a Christian, and as a citizen of a constitutional, representative republic.
            • so what would be thematthew, Thu Dec 1 11:42am
              anti-christ in your it connected to islam in any way ?
              • Maybe so, maybe notLewis, Sat Dec 17 10:01am
                I think he will come out of a "new" religion containing selected bits of almost all religions - something that will appeal to the psuedo-intellectuals (those people who think that they think).
      • btw, new gaddafi videomatthew, Sat Nov 5 10:21am
        Gaddafi being sodomized with Stick ps: some say... more
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