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corn husks
Thu Jan 3, 2013 1:56am

Jim, I have 2lb coils of pretwisted corn husks, about 3/8" diameter. They're in my new catalog and on my site:
Jim Widess

  • corn shucks jfheath, Wed Jan 2 4:30pm
    Hi David. I live in Columbia SC and need to start corn shuck weaving as no one in the Midlands and eastward does it anymore. I was reading your posts from 2007 and would like to talk with you about... more
    • Re: corn shucks David Russell, Thu Jan 3 8:58am
      Jim, I have some dvd's of the woodwright show still, and maybe the rough cut of the episode. I'll have to look for them. I can probably copy it by now without copyright worries. There is a strong... more
      • SC traditional corn husk caning pamelaschreiner6, Sun Feb 19 8:58am
        Good morning David. We have six old rocking chairs that need to be recaned. Do you have a list of caners in South Carolina that we could contact for pricing or perhaps workshops that need chairs to... more
        • Re: SC traditional corn husk caning The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Mon Feb 20 1:28pm
          Just to be clear here, Pam are you saying you have six rockers that you need the seats woven using corn shucks as the weaving material? Is that what's in them now, or is it maybe wide binding cane or ... more
          • Six rockers pamelaschreiner6, Mon Feb 20 7:35pm
            They are old rockers, last caned in the 1940's. Thank you for the suggestions and hope to hear from David Russell.
            • Re: Six rockers The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Mon Feb 20 7:48pm
              Sorry Pam, but you didn't say what kind of material was in the chair seats now. Cane, splint, corn shucks, paper rush, natural rush???? Generally speaking, people refer to "caned" or "chair caning"... more
              • Six rockers pamelaschreiner6, Tue Feb 21 11:36am
                I will take a picture of the chair and post what we are looking for. Thank you so much for your help. Great website.
      • Woodwright's Shop-Corn Shuck Seat Weaving The Wicker Woman, Tue Mar 29 11:14pm
        Hi Everyone, I was just re-reading a bunch of the very old posts and ran across some corn shuck seat weaving posts from back in 2007 and also these from 2013, I believe. Did a BUNCH of surfing the... more
      • Re: corn shucks jfheath, Thu Jan 3 9:13am
        Thanks David. I don't know your e-mail so here is mine- I also have a FB page with the same name jfheath. Corn shuck seat weaving was used years ago from the coast up through the... more
    • corn husks JIm Widess, Thu Jan 3 1:56am
      • Re: corn husks The Wicker Woman, Thu Jan 3 7:03am
        Jim, I just did a quick Search and look on your website for the corn husks, but came up empty. Could you please post the hotlink (including the http:// so everyone can just click and go) to the... more
        • corn husks JIm Widess, Thu Jan 3 12:27pm
          I'm sorry. I misspoke. The corn husks are in my new catalog (you can download here: but they aren't on the site yet. Jim
          • No Corn Husks! The Wicker Woman, Thu Jan 3 1:24pm
            Sorry Jim, but I still can't find the corn husks on the PDF 2012 catalog either and I've poured over and over it. Could you please tell me exactly what page it's on? I even used the Search with the... more
            • Re: No Corn Husks! jfheath, Fri Jan 4 7:41am
              Cathryn- the pre-twisted corn husk that Jim W is talking about are on page 26 of his new catalog. I had seen these and while it remains an option I would prefer to learn how to twist them myself.... more
            • corn husks JIm Widess, Fri Jan 4 1:41am
              Cathryn, on my downloadable catalog, the corn husks are on page 13/20 (pdf spreads) in the middle left hand page. You might have to... more
              • Found Pre-twisted corn husks! The Wicker Woman, Fri Jan 4 7:56am
                Thanks Jim, I found the pre-twisted corn husks right next to the paper fiber and straw wrapped rush! Thanks so much, I must have been getting the old catalog each time I tried. The Wicker... more
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