Lincoln Rocker curved back
Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:29pm

Sorry I didn't get to this earlier, was out most of the day. You don't need to use wood, just temporary cane strands vertically so you can weave step 1 behind those side to side.

  • Lincoln rocker curved back Patti Erickson, Sun Mar 19 11:10am
    Hi Rhonda, I need to place a piece of wood at the curve in the middle of the back correct? And then run the vertical temporaries behind the piece of wood, right?
    • Lincoln Rocker curved back Rhonda Voos-Association of Artis, Sun Mar 19 8:29pm
      • Lincoln rocker curved back Patti Erickson, Mon Mar 20 5:23am
        That's what I did. No wood, just the temps. It worked great! Thanks, again Rhonda! Everyone was great!!! I'll post pics when I'm done. Patti
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