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It really loves me
Tue Nov 9, 2010 6:52am

It had been a while since someone other than Eve had made it so clear they detested him. Since Keith, perhaps, that neanderthal of a man with more testosterone than brain cells. A rare kind of rivalry. Ah, but Devon had moved Keith out of the way. A man like that, it had been easy.

He left on an amused smile at Jered's assessment of Daniel Stoddard, once again feeling distinctly old. It was such a youthful view, that the world could be so predictable. That all ends need not be eliminated because you could "know" something about them, just "know." No first order logic, deductive reasoning or fact behind it. Just know. The notion then - as Jered finished - that amused Devon most was what exactly Jered presumed he knew about Devon himself. What he would or would not do; just whom he found expendable.

In Sarah's name . . . one didn't dedicate a murder, it was not in honor of this person or that.

Devon hardly missed a beat. "Really," he responded, to Jered's overt dislike of him, lips turned up the tiniest bit at the corners. Ah, yes, this was how it went. He had almost forgotten. Then, amused, though wondering, he asked, "You haven't the slightest idea why she cares for me?"

He said it in such a way that he could use it as fodder for insinuation, but in an instant pull the decades back and remind Jered in an instant who the underdog was those years ago, who'd fought uphill insisting Isaac Harding was at the heart of the trouble.

Devon looked at Jered in slight wonder, then looked back ahead as he walked, keeping an eye out for a swinging fist, his fingertips tingling with magic.

  • That's the rumor mill for youJered, Tue Nov 9 12:04am
    Grace hadn't said it outright but it was still clear to Jered what the man was meaning. Dan Stoddard's death. But it was coming even clearer that he and Grace had different view points on the matter. ... more
    • It really loves me — Devon, Tue Nov 9 6:52am
      • At least something doesJered, Wed Nov 10 12:58am
        It only took a second to dismiss the thought that popped into Jered's head with Grace's words. Sure, Jered had thought about that before but then only for mere moments. It was a ridiculous idea, the... more
        • Oh, you young whippersnapperDevon, Wed Nov 10 1:58pm
          Devon was surprised the moment Jered laughed. He was used to Quidditch-hero men desperate to be someone's knight in shining armor; either those, or ones he could respect and befriend. Though Rand was ... more
          • Teach me your ways... Maybe notJered, Wed Nov 10 11:57pm
            Jered's grin slipped into a smile. Grace couldn't have still be insinuating that Sarah... no, he was just trying to make it clear that he could... so Jered believed. But no, Sarah would never cross... more
            • OOCDevon, Thu Nov 11 1:43pm
              I moved us to the Gashleycrumb Gardens. So it actually looks like we're supervising. Haha.
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