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Devon and Mary
Why does it always end up that way?
Sun Feb 6, 2011 6:30pm

"Yeah," Mary answered, "Thanks, that'd be great."

She grinned across the table at Sarah.

Devon was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea, or if he had just been duped into an event which could only produce trouble. Would they be best friends now? Women did that. Didn't they? He imagined losing them both to each other, and decided that he did not necessarily like it.

Was it just him, or were they making plans to meet up with Matthew and go shopping? This irked Devon on two points. Firstly, there was always the chance that they may conspire against him to do something, as so frequently happened when Cassandra and Eve got in cahoots. They would return from shopping trips full of colorful clothes for Jael, in an assortment of uncouth fabrics and awkward, bulging colors. It never ended well.

Secondly, he probably enjoyed fashion more than either of the two of them. They would disappear, come back with items he hadn't gotten a chance to consult on, and allowed Matthew to help them misinterpret the Spring collection.

The thought as a whole distressed him.

"Cassandra," Mary said suddenly, turning to Devon, "I still want to meet her. Does she like shopping? She should come with us."

Here, Devon at least had to offer a wry, knowing smile. No, no shopping. Cassandra was better than that. He wanted to say it to stab them all down, but of course, he was one of them. "No," he instead suggested, "I don't think she enjoys shopping."

  • Well at least we can tell who's in charge hereSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 4:28pm
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    • Why does it always end up that way? — Devon and Mary, Sun Feb 6 6:30pm
      • Because of the women you pickSarah Mason, Sun Feb 6 6:54pm
        "No," Sarah agreed between bites. "No, she doesn't particularly like shopping. But I'm sure she'd love to meet us for lunch." Maybe that wasn't a good idea. She'd talk to Cassie, though, and let her... more
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