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Rand Michealson
Wait! How did this happen???
Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:57am

Rand didn't even have a moment to think about running. Of course he wouldn't need to. Rand had never been in trouble in his life. When other kids in elementary were being suspended for bringing their parents' wands to show off on the playground, Rand was particularly interested in building sets. While other adolescents were testing the waters, he had a clean record and the highest recommendations for his entrance into the University of his choice. Even his frat was more dedicated to academics and the occasional party never got out of hand.

No, Rand wasn't the type to get into trouble. And the fact that his hands snapped behind his back didn't quite sink in. "No, you've got this wrong," he said, looking to Eve, who seemed dumbfounded as well. "How could that possibly be illegal? She lives here! She's a teacher here," Rand protested, though it seemed to work about as well as the nurse with her hand over her mouth.

He turned back, "Eve! Eve! Call Professor Dunlop," Rand said. He'd toured different colleges and the academic realm with him the summer before. Eve knew him, or knew of him, if only briefly. "Call him. He'll be able to help," he started shouting more loudly and desperately as they pulled him away.

  • He's almost as bad as EveDevon and Cassandra, Mon Feb 14 7:54pm
    Against the majority of likelihood, and history so foully rehashed, and conditioned submission, Devon woke up. It was one of those pinpricks, he wasn't sure which one, but they stopped shortly after. ... more
    • Wait! How did this happen??? — Rand Michealson, Tue Feb 15 8:57am
      • I so enjoy it when I take people by surpriseDetective Ravenscroft, Thu Feb 17 12:43am
        This. This was the reason Ravenscroft salivated at the thought of getting the opportunity of making these arrests. The overall discord this Institute overflowed with provided a constant source of... more
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