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Torn Winston
Yeah, or no telling what this one will do next
Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:04pm

Indifferent as Torn seemed around these two, the three of them clearly had the same upbringing, the same childhood. Irritating memories surfaced of him being dragged to some party or another, having to endure countless conversations all oozing with the words “mudbloods” and “traitors,” while his mother systematically shoved animal crackers into his mouth to get him to stop whining and shut up about being bored. His mother obviously meant well, but she had always gotten the brand of animal crackers he hated, and thus her actions only served to put him in an even bleaker mood. Finally, he just got tired of the horrible after taste of these nasty treats and cunningly stayed quiet and brooding during all talks of blood lineage that settled around him, whether it come from his parents or strangers.

Torn managed to raise an eyebrow when Delilah accused Shelby of having a crush on Damon once. He liked Shelby a little better, at least; if she still liked him, then Torn and she were in the same boat.

He took a longer-than-usual swig from his drink at Delilah's last statement. If she did that, then maybe Sloane would follow—or, maybe she wouldn't, and then she'd be alone, and Torn could go over and talk to her without Damon Clay around. But, he eyed Delilah suspiciously, not sure he trusted this one very much. She either wanted to tease her friend or actually make friends with Damon, but he couldn't tell which. He couldn't let himself look too excited at the statement, though, so he settled on shrugging and humming again, going back to discreetly ogling Sloane.

  • Keep your chin up, ShelDelilah, Mon Feb 21 10:39am
    Delilah might have been a kid, but she was no fool. Torn definitely knew Sloane at least. Personally, Delilah wasn't sure how to answer her own question. She remembered being in play jumpers, playing ... more
    • Yeah, or no telling what this one will do next — Torn Winston, Mon Feb 21 12:04pm
      • She knows I'll curse her back either wayShelby Ewing, Mon Feb 21 12:31pm
        Shelby's cheeks went instantly hot and she knew there would be two spots on her cheeks that would be nice and pink, as if she'd dressed up as a doll. She scoffed. "Whatever, that was just stupid and... more
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