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Torn Winston
Hey, can I be your knight in shining armor?
Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:05pm

Now that was interesting. All the hushed conversations he had with Emma, and not once did she ever hint at the possibility that she might have been the one responsible for the headmaster's arrest—not to mention the Runes professor's and the PR director's, too. Torn found himself looking suddenly more interested than he had been all night. He knew Emma and Sloane were proud of their pureblood heritage, and didn't care much for socializing outside of themselves, but the pieces never really fell into place until the idea was suggested that it very well could have been their doing.

He stared at both of them—Emma, who had just arrived and looked devastatingly nonchalant and bored—and Sloane, who looked, for the first time Torn ever noticed, slightly panicked. Immediately, he felt for her. So what if they were responsible for the arrests...clearly, the three faculty members had to have done something that warranted their imprisonment. Unless the two planted something to incriminate them. Looking at Sloane's face with an expressionless mask, Torn decided that he didn't care whether or not they did plant something. He'd do what he could to vouch for them—if it ever came to that.

Wanting to take any possible attention away from Sloane's uncharacteristic disposition, Torn spoke willingly for the first time that night, “So...a Halloween party, huh?”

  • *clapclap!*Sloane , Wed Feb 23 7:25am
    Sloane's composed face fell, just slightly. How had anyone discerned that she and Emma were behind the arrests? She had plotted it out so carefully, taken great pains to make herself a stringless... more
    • Hey, can I be your knight in shining armor? — Torn Winston, Thu Feb 24 2:05pm
      • Only if Damon can be mineShelby Ewing, Fri Feb 25 4:34pm
        "Sure, why wouldn't we have something for Halloween," Shelby said. This school couldn't be that worthless, if her parents sent her here. Dad promised there were teachers she could learn from. "Just... more
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