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Lucy Westren-- er , Avellino
Stolen Breathe
Fri Mar 4, 2005 19:00

Oh my god.


She was drowning in a veritable deluge of ... well, everything. The way his lips felt against hers, the stubble of his five o'clock shadow tickling her chin. The strength of his arms as they imprisoned her against him. All of him. Oh god. Sensations raced up and down her frame, hands trapped against his chest struggled briefly to free themselves but eventually curled against his shoulders. Tongues danced around one another -- at this point Lucy's suprise had faded, leaving her a most willing participant!

No woman in her right mind would try and walk away from this man. Not even the left-brained ones like herself.

Breathe rushed into aching lungs, easing the heady dizzyness prevalent throughout her frame, when he finally pulled away only to bury his face against her neck. For a split-second, the redhead was tempted to inquire about vampire biting practices, but thought better of it. Especially when his mouth captured hers again, the agent shifting under her to find a better vantage. Apparently. Lucy could only groan into his mouth, trying desperately to retain some thread of sanity inside the tornado named Caleb.

“Mmm…” A longing sort of kiss was placed against the hollow of Lucy’s throat, pulse fluttering wildly against his lips. “Sorry about the morning breath. Ew…” He laughed ... the very sound brushing against her battered senses like sand on the water. Just ... too much. But he needed some sort of reply so she parroted, "Mmmm." Honestly there wasn't much she was capable of saying at this point, rather feeling like a caged nightingale. Two months ago, she would have traded her right arm for the priviledge of lying atop him.


Couldn't think. Forming thoughts was still an advanced level class, only worthy of those students who'd progressed beyond pure emotion. “Please tell me we don’t have to go anywhere…” No. No, they didn't. “Just stay like this… all day… Only two bathroom breaks allowed.” Was the man serious ... or on crack? Perhaps he'd slipped out during the night and done some cork snorting. No, wait. Mister Above-Board. She sighed, nestling into the space between his head and shoulder, letting her heartbeat skitter about frantically.

“Love ya, Luce…”


He did not just -- !

Her head snapped back up, lips parting to nestle against his ear. "The name is Lucy. Lucifer if you absolutely must. Not Luce." She tried to squirm her way into sitting up, some of the euphoria falling into irritation, but the rocking motion rolled them right off of the couch ... or had he done that? Whatever the cause, she ended up on the hardwood floor -- trapped halfway underneath his far-more-than-adequate frame.

Without opening his eyes, Caleb managed to find her mouth again, claiming it with flawless victory. Oh shit! Lucy squirmed once more before his pelvis ground against her and rational thought fled for the second time that morning. Bursts of liquid gold began flowing through her limbs, aided by little bursts of electricity. Somehow his lips found her neck, nipping at the tender flesh all the way down to her shoulders. It was only when the redhead realized his hands had found their way under her top ... and his eyes still had not opened, that she tried using her vocal chords.

The last thing she wanted was Caleb to continue if he was putting her in someone else's place. "Caleb ... Caleb ... are you sure you want to do this?" No censure, no shaking virginal fright. By her own responses it was clear she had some experience in this sort of pass time, but there was a clear question in brown eyes.

Are you sure?

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