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Lucy Avellino
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Fri Mar 18, 2005 13:01

"I'm what?!"

Lucy stared at the doctor, rather expecting him to grow another head. The idea that she could .. could .. it was inconcievable! You had to be married to ... to ... "You are pregnant, Miss Nero. These lab tests do not lie. I should know, your boss had me check the results twice." Her boss? Brown eyes slanted towards Rob accusingly, though all that idiot did was smile at her in the most unappriopriate fashion -- sympathetically!

"Here is the number of a first rate OB/GYN, Alex. I want you to call her tomorrow and make an appointment." Doctor Ortiz scribbled down some information onto his notepad before handing the top sheet over. Slip of paper founf its way into her purse, even as Rob excused himself into the hallway when his cell rang.

Which left Lucy with 'Doc'. Great. At least all she'd had to do was pee into a cup and then sit around for twenty minutes. Why was it that serious life changes always happened in split seconds? Very surreal, going from merely stressed to a potential mother at the drop of a hat. Well, actually, there had been more than headgear dropped lately. Without protection! Still feeling queasy, she accepted help in getting down from the exam table.

Rob was waiting outside. "Simon will meet us at the apartment." At her alarmed look, the senior agent had the grace to look slightly embarassed, "Didn't tell him. Yet." Lucy found herself quickly tucked into an official car -- the driver replaced by Rob himself. Spiffy. He seemed less like his normal grouchy self now; more attentive and prone to asking "Are you holding up?" every few minutes. It put her on edge, because he was never this nice to her. Ever.

Perhaps the man had been switched with a pod person?

At any rate, the ride home was singularly uneventful. Lots of proper stops, obeying every damn ordinance. Blahblahblah. At least she had her own set of keys for the apartment, though Rob's idea of parking in the set space made it seem like he was preparing to needle Caleb. Oh, hell ... there went her stomach again! Barely making it into the bathroom, she freed herself of breakfast and then wandered out to sit weakly on the couch.

Evil Bastard fetched her a glass of water -- and that's when the fun really started! “What’s this all about?” Walker, Texas Ranger stood in the doorway, looking absolutely panicked. Ha! He wasn't the one who would give birth in six months. Dropping her gaze, mainly because she was a coward and didn't feel like confronting him with this just yet, Lucy sat there -- intending to figure out the best way to break it to him ...

... and Rob went and intervened! “Caleb, my boy… You are now a proud father." The Italian briefly saw red, and had to temper the urge to strangle her lover's boss, reminding herself he'd been nothing but helpful for the last hour. In an effort to dispel the surreal aura, she rubs the palm of her hand across her eyes, wondering if borrowing Dorothy's ruby slippers would get her out of this.

Probably not.

Something her mother had said thorough her childhood came back to haunt the girl. Well honey, you made your bed. Now you have to sleep in it. Lucy had never quite understood that -- one of the reasons she usually found herself in heaps of trouble -- until now. “Lucy, hon? Are you all right?” The feel of his hands against her cheeks almost undid her right there, but she was already making a decision. One that was going to change her life. Again.

"Hi ..." Oh, there went Squeaky voice. " I'm Lucy, and I'll be your pregant girlfriend for the next six months or so." Sound familiar? It had better, bucko! "Or .. I'll be pregant for six months, anyway." How could she sound so calm? Sheer terror, my friend. There was no way in hell she'd force Caleb into anything. Not after slamming his tidy little life into outer space already.

Rob broke the relative silence, also crouching down next to Luce. "Hey, I'll have my wife call you later. She's been through this a couple times." Hahahaha. Look. Rob was human after all! Smiling frostily at his own underling, the bald man straightened up and quietly let himself out of the house, figuring he'd thrown Caleb for enough loops today. Besides, there was always tomorrow.

Which left Mumsy and Dadsy alone together. Wasn't that how the trouble started in the first place?

"I'm so sorry, Caleb. I should've insisted on protection. It's my fault."

And Lucifer purchased ice skates, because Hell had frozen over. Who was this mature-sounding female?

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