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Lucy Avellino
Blithering Idiots -R- Us
Tue Mar 29, 2005 23:13

“Good morning princess. Want some juice?”

Not especially, but she wasn't going to argue with the agent when he had his 'work' face on. Big ole scowl meant to frighten the dickens out of your average layman. Grand thing she wasn't male, right? “Sleep well?” Scowl. He had better stop treating her like a ninny -- or she would do something juvenile. The cup was handed back to Caleb silently, eyes narrowed against the stalling tactic he was trying to use on her.

Uh huh. Say it already.

“I love you sweetheart, you know that.” Oh, that did so not sound good. “When I was in New York, I… ‘borrowed’ some files about the Families.” Her restless frame stilled, shock washing through her strong enough to temporarily block out the rest of what he was saying. He'd gone to New York?! Without telling her?! Full lips compressed into a thin line, biting back all the vicious things she wanted to say and knew she shouldn't. Caleb had returned to her home without her. It took some minutes to get a pounding heart under control before her blood pressure rose again.

After mumbling something else, he set something in her lap - a notepad containing data about her family, and the Piazzo's. There were a few names she recognized, woodenly commenting on them; Jackie and her grandfather's names brought stinging tears to her eyes. Oh, this was such a bad time to start crying! Nurse would be here any moment, doing her routine checkup, “But I think it was an inside job.” What? That brought Lucy's attention back around very quickly, brown eyes widening as the words burned themselves into her consciousness.


“Oh, well we can’t have this! Two o’clock my rear. Give me about fifteen minutes and you can go home.” No, no. Lucy wasnt ready now! There were too many things on her plate, damnit. Suddenly the placid atmosphere of the ward seemed preferable to going home and suffering another shock. Immature? Damn straight! Reluctantly sliding out of her cot once the iv setup had been extracted from her hand, the pregnant girl had slipped into the clothing Caleb had brought, before settling ungraciously into the wheelchair.

She was not a bloody cripple, thanks. And if that thought was uncharitable ... tough cookies!

“Ready, sweetheart?” Ready to talk? Riiiiiiight. Murmuring something intelligible, Lucy plastered a smile on her face and allowed her lover to wheel her out of the ward and into the elevator. They made useless banter on the way down, and then out of the building to the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, it was a sunny day; the temperature a tinge chiller than a week before, but that was to be expected when the seasons began to change. At least they did change here.

Still feeling petulant, she fiddled with the radio in his car all the way hope, pre-emptively cutting off any chance of conversation. Childish? Of course. No one could expect her to be elegant and mature 24/7 could they? Well ... best not even voice that question. When they eased into the second parking space, the brunette clambered out on her own steam, refusing to let Caleb help. She was even stubborn enough to drag her own duffel into the house ... yeah, there was a boatload of signals that she was pissed.

But -- why?

Luciana Avellino made it abundantly clear once both of them were inside. "You went to New York and didn't tell me?" Not exactly a screech, but there was plenty of emotion behind that demand. Knowing she was acting like a child, and really unable to help it at this point, the young woman went ahead with her tantrum. Actually, if one chose to look at it differently, wouldn't displaying her emotions so openly show the amount of trust she placed in her current verbal victim? Aha. C'mon, lets look at this positively.

Remember: postive experience!

"He went on my orders, Lucy." Er .... yep, that was Rob. He stood in the hallway, looking ...haggard. Which was definately a change, the first time she'd ever seen him without everything utterly presentable. Said wench stopped dead in her tracks, glancing from him to Caleb and back. Shoulders slumped after a moment; it was like watching the wind desert a three masted ship. "I'm sorry." Oh, now she looked ashamed. But .. there was something more. In afterthought, because it had just occurred to her, "Jackie's real last name was Casella." And Casella was the surname of a Piazzo lieutenant. Rare name in the Tri-state area when it came to mafioso.

Rob fetched a glass of water from the kitchen without being asked and handed it to Lucy before he settled down on the couch .. leaving the space on the other side of her free for Caleb. "We didn't tell you, " That was a liberal use of 'we', "Because of your condition. Worry brings stress, which is bad for the baby. If you don't believe me, ask my wife."

Could the bastard's grin be any more engaging?

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