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Caleb Holmes
Betters Homes and... Bugs?
Wed Apr 6, 2005 23:59

“Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation… Darkness stirs and wakes imagination… Silently the senses abandon their defenses…”

Caleb hadn’t had any difficulty with the script thus far, considering how simple Erik’s lines were. It was how he came across in the performance, the outlandish behavior that mattered. This was unfortunate, because sometimes David and Ray had creative differences, ‘discussing’ at the directors’ table toward the middle of the audience seating. But the cast was coming to understand that to end an outburst, they simply had to go along with what they had been doing instead of taking a prompt. It was amusing to watch, but created a headache in the end.

“Softly, deftly, music shall surround you… Feel it, hear it, closing in around you…” Lucy hadn’t affected her usual dreamy face, and Caleb knew that she was being distracted by something. Probably the cute little blonde that played Meg Giry in the front row. But now he was hyped up on cappuccino and raring to go, so of course he upped the ante! The seduction had suddenly multiplied ten fold, his leather-encased hands roaming freely across ‘Christine’. “Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind, in this darkness which you know you cannot fight… The darkness of the music of the night!” Ooh, there she went!

“You alone can make my song take flight… Help me make the music of the night…” He hated this line. Even so, Caleb managed to belt it out in a crooning whisper to Lucy. Hell, they didn’t even take a break between the two songs!

“No, no, no!” David was shouting, and Ray looked rather peeved at the cast. “You’re supposed to throw her aside, Caleb. Not shove her, throw! Get it right!” Uhm… Crap. He really didn’t want to hurt Lucy, and it showed, but at least she was the only one really picking up on it for the right reasons. It took a quiet assurance from the girl until he felt right in doing this. “Now!” Irk.

“Whose is the face in the mask…?” Caleb was sorry for what he was about to do.

“Damn you!” He practically screamed, rounding upon Christine to throw her away like a rag doll. “You little prying Pandora! You little demon! Is this what you wanted to see?!” Caleb used the scene to funnel his anger, channeling it into Erik’s much unneeded hissy fit. But this time he felt it, enough to make him wish to scream. It was then that he decided this was a far better outlet than beating MPs, or taking out his frustrations on those around him. God, there were people around him! It was a startling enough realization that his voice dropped low, becoming husky. “Stranger than you dreamt it… Can you even dare to look? Or bear to think of me…?”

An hour later he was staring straight up toward the chandelier, trying not to quake with emotion. A heady combination of fear and nervousness, along with the exhilaration of performing once more. This really was all Rob’s fault! One deep breath later and he was climbing along the inside of a seemingly innocent pillar that flanked the stage; apparently Ray had been thoughtful enough to include it so he wouldn’t have to rush down the hall and up the stairs of the lighting booth. But from so high, Caleb could feel a wash of mortality submerge him in its icy depths. The instant reaction was refusal. Screw the play, he wanted out of here! But… no. That just wasn’t an option. Besides, maybe it was the pain killers that caused the vertigo. Right.

“Did I not instruct that Box Five was to be kept empty?” Ooh, that new sound system was beginning to shape up rather nicely! Caleb was nearly startled out of his wits at the deep bass that rattled his teeth. “A toad, madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad!” The microphone had been placed in the railing, so he was hands-free for multiple reasons; first, appearance – what, you really think they’d care about his safety? Croak! Croak! Bite your tongue, don’t laugh! Shit! The evil little giggle worked its way into a maniacal laughter that was hardly feigned, the Phantom leaping atop the banister, only to hand from the chandelier. They said outrageous! “Behold! She is singing to bring down the chandelier!”

Croak! Giggle!

“C’mon, hon. Please?” Begging got a man nowhere though.

“No, you are not allowed to open your eyes yet. So stop trying.” Huffing as Lucy’s hand wound across his vision even more tightly, he gave up and sat back for the ride. Pout! The twists and turns were absolutely lost on him, for he had been valiantly trying to peek out from beneath the girl’s hand at first. So when the taxi rolled to a stop, he even refused to open his eyes once the hand was gone. “Okay, grumpy. Open your eyes.” Peek-peek! What the…? “C’mon you.”

Ack! Dragging out of the backseat, Caleb eyed the park curiously for a moment. The innuendo was not lost on this man; he remembered coming here after Sonny had smacked Lucy upside the head a few times, then later on that night at rehearsal. God, he couldn’t believe that Jackie had been the one to start everything. The man had been loyal to Lucy! If there was one thing he hated, it was a turncoat; the most notable in memory for him was the Bond girl. He had been played like a fool during that assignment. Walking down the entryway arm in arm, he was paying more attention to Lucy than his surroundings, which was a complete flip-flop. But he didn’t have to worry anymore! Even if it was difficult not to study every person that went past.

Ooh, kitties!

“Caleb, you asked me some time back to think on a question. The answer is… of course I’ll wait, you smeghead.” Definite flashbacks. But the smile absolutely made him melt. “Was there ever a doubt that I would? I love you. I want to have children with you. So… yeah. I’ll wait.” Lucy definitely didn’t sound the matured woman she had been just two months ago; but a lot had happened in that time. Returning her kiss with equal ardor, he happily snuggled the girl as they watched the lazy animals roam their keep. Hell, he even went so far as to take a few photos of a silly Lucy growling and clawing at the camera. It seemed like the appropriate tourist thing to do!

A glance at his wristwatch, and he could barely smother a grin.

“Come on, you hippie!” Caleb began tugging on her hand, depositing the camera back in her grasp. “Now it’s my turn!” What the hell was that supposed to mean? After a moment’s consideration so he wouldn’t believe it a brash thought, he scooped Lucy up into a cradle-carry, and began meandering out of the zoo. “Just like a woman… Making us late!” Late for what? It wasn’t even two o’clock yet, and rehearsal was at six! Making appropriate, “Ow ow ow,” noises every time he was thwapped upside the head for his brutish comments, the dark-haired gent was soon depositing his girl into a taxi that happened to be idling nearby. Hell, the address they were going to was handed over on a piece of paper that he dug out of his pocket; complete with directions! “Now…” Judging by the blindfold in Caleb’s hand, he was thinking nefarious thoughts upon masking Lucy. “You peek and I’ll spank you!”

Of course, since this was the Big Apple, it took a while to get anywhere in town when you took a taxi, even if the men claimed to know all the back roads. Last night had been spent in the hospital like before, the doctors claiming ‘observation’ after stress. Bullshit! They just wanted to keep him locked up forever. But it was a new day, and he enjoyed pulling a multitude of strings! Even so, the ride was taken happily enough, with his arm wound about Lucy’s shoulders and the duo lounging in the backseat. It felt like they were on the north side of the city, or so her lovely direction-sense would tell her. Damned natives! But then… Screech! Stopped on a dime, the cabbie paid an exorbitant amount of money, and he was scooping Lucy out of the taxi.

“Just one more second…” Caleb murmured, setting her down on her own two feet. The rumbling of a diesel engine passed them to the left, and two quieter cars took its place before being shut off. “Surprise.” Just a whisper and the blindfold was yanked free, revealing… What the hell was this?

Well, first of all, Ben and Hugh were strolling toward them, which could never mean anything good was about to happen. Secondly, Rob and Beth were seated on the front deck, swinging lazily in a settee there. Third… This was an awfully large house, wasn’t it? Complete with a black Jeep and a vintage cherry red Beetle in the driveway. Noting the goofy grins that just about everyone had plastered to their faces, and one thing was slowly becoming certain; this wasn’t the new house Rob and Beth had bought for themselves. Perhaps it was the realtor sign in the front yard, and the Just Sold sticker across it in bright red letters, serving as an announcement.

“Don’t gape, sweetheart,” Caleb admonished with a grin, taking Lucy’s hand to lead her up the front steps. But at the front door she was scooped up into his arms again, while he suggestively nodded to the door with wiggling brows. “Go on, then!” Doorknob turned, latch released, and it swung inside to reveal… Definitely posh. But pretty frickin’ bare all around. Only releasing Lucy once she had been properly kissed, he gave her a grin. “Well? Do you want to look around?”

It really was bare all around, only the essentials in place at the moment; things like a comfortable sofa and entertainment system, toiletries, appliances in the kitchen. No real amenities to speak of. The lower level had a greeting parlor – which he still called the living room – kitchen, study, guest bedroom and all of those sorts of things. Upstairs was the master bath and bedrooms, another study, and extra rooms for whatever they needed. The basement was a different story all together. Of course it had your typical laundry room hidden off in the corner, but another room had obviously already been done; from soundproofing to installing gadgets everywhere. It couldn’t be mistaken as anything but a practice room. Hint hint!

Once they reached the foyer again, Caleb couldn’t help but smile at Lucy’s flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes. He may have asked her to wait, but that didn’t mean his plans would be skewed awry because of it! Besides, the old man was beginning to prove himself surprisingly spry today, actually able to keep up with the little hippie as she bounced about. But when he snagged her at the foot of the stairs, she was dipped down into one of those patented mind-numbing embraces. Oh yes, he absolutely loved those.

“Like it?” No, he wasn’t breathless, not at all! A jingling key ring went into Lucy’s palm and he grinned. “I was getting bored with hospital food anyhow.” It would do good to note an incessant mewling sound from… Wait, weren’t cats supposed to grow?! Caleb hadn’t bothered meeting the infernal creature until now though, but figured it could wait a few more minutes. “And this…” A pained expression crossed his features, handing over a plastic card. Uh oh, he was giving her a credit card. With his name on it?! But the grin told that he was only giving the girl hell. “Beth was dismayed when I refused to pick out furniture for the house. But, seeing as how I prefer my body parts attached, I thought you might like to do a bit of shopping with her before practice.” How thoughtful.

“That is… If you want to live with me?” Come on woman, five people and a cat are anxiously awaiting your answer!

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