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Bennett | Devon
Hershey Kisses
Thu Jan 19, 2006 12:24

Thanksgiving dinner was… just dinner. Sort of. That didn’t stop him from eating, though!

Bennett smirked across the table at Sean and John, who were obviously playing a game of footsie. At one point, he had been forced to cry out, “That was my leg!” much to someone’s dismay. At least Caleb and Lucy never acted like that at family functions. Thank God!

Ever since his brother had magically reappeared – Benny had his doubts about all of this in the beginning – family dinners had been a weekly affair, so the holiday was nothing special. Well, except for the kick ass food. The chefs, and there had to be more than one in this weird little household, were duly complimented. Abundantly so, and it was well deserved. But then the phone decided to ring, on Thanksgiving no less! Since most everyone had finished, cleanup began.

“Bennett? Someone named Lara’s on the phone for you.” Lara? Immediately his abdomen tightened at the mere mention of her name. They had spent an afternoon in Caleb’s studio, goofing off and talking around the piano. But she had never called back, and he’d be damned if he was going to be a pushy male with her. So when it came to today, and no word, he figured… Well, that he had been forgotten.

“Thanks, Lucy.” Contrite but polite, that was basically how most the Holmes men were. And the women, come to think of it. Attempting to leave the kitchen was an affair though, with a nephew attached to each leg, he hobbled and spun them about. Jane chided them for it, claiming they were too old. But hell, the rugrats could have some fun once in a while, right? Then there was the phone. It couldn’t be her. Not calling here, right?

“Hello? Lara?” Yeah, that sounded like a believable tone. And he wore tutus on the weekends with Sean and John. Yeah, just your friendly neighborhood stalker. Holy shit, it really was her! I was calling to, uh, see if you’d like to… maybe get some… coffee, later. For a brief moment, Bennett wanted to do nothing more than tease the woman and her sudden stuttering affliction, but it didn’t seem quite right.

“Okay. Where?” That was cool and detached, wasn’t it? Gah, probably not. There’s a Starbucks about four blocks from your house, well… your brother’s house. About an hour or so? Benny paused for dramatic effect, allowing himself to do a happy little jig inside his head. “Yeah, that’s… fine.” Oh, it was more than fine! Thus the phone call ended. Yes!

“Lucy, thanks for having me over.” Gave the sister-in-law the requisite kiss on the cheek, batting Caleb away when he demanded one too since this was his house. “Uh huh. And pigs will fly. I gotta meet up with someone at ‘Bucks. Later!”

Oh, he was definitely going to hear about that from Dad, later.

He had actually taken off to get away from the house, because hanging out for another hour could have been detrimental to his health. It was… scary, with the cohesive family unit operating far more smoothly after Caleb’s return. More than a little unnerving, and he always felt like he needed time to himself afterwards to soothe his jangled nerves. Which was exactly why he was blaring music from the modded sound system in his Jeep. Caleb had the luxury edition, and he had an eight year old hunk of junk that still ran pretty well. It was the only thing he could squeeze himself into without feeling like he was going to get stuck, too.

Of course he happened to be a good half hour early, which was why he ended up parking just down the way and wandering into the accompanying little strip mall. Just a few local types of shops; but one was a book store, and he couldn’t pass that up. So he ended up perusing the offerings, looking for anything that jumped out at him. A few books were plucked out a while later, and paid for them obviously. But that led to a chat with the store owner, a little old lady that could have been his great-grandmother. In turn, he had been required to assist with a box on the top shelf.

By then, Bennett realized he was late. So much for showing up early.

But he had a feeling Lara might be running a bit late herself, so he took his time meandering on over to Starbucks, small bag in hand. Imagine his surprise when he saw a gaggle of goggling girls! Er, wait. Blinking at the scene, it was only then that he realized the woman being mauled alive had to be Lara. Who else would own blue cowboy boots? Humming happily, he shoved the small bag into his coat pocket, and began to creep up on Lara.

The only snag in his plan was the one girl on the edge that saw him. Really saw him. Eyes widening, neck craning, the whole bit. Making an over-exaggerated gesture for her to be quiet, complete with a wink, Bennett continued his sudden foray into the world of stealth tactics in coffee shops, and slipped up behind Lara.

…And promptly hefted her into the air once the latest autograph was signed.

He ignored her outrage, and consequent mock-outrage when she got a look at who was tossing her around like a rag doll. Eventually he shifted her into a less scandalous position, and one that wasn’t so overtly stared at. Piggy-back ride, anyone?

“Sorry I’m late, babe. Was helpin’ someone next door.” Babe? The girls had backed away slightly, but this was not to his chagrin. They had been startled by… Well, he was a tall guy, that was a granted. But someone had just called Lara Sorensen ‘babe’. And it was a guy! The look in their eyes said this went way beyond their comprehension of normal relationship interactions, and Bennett allowed himself an inward grin. “Ready for that latte?”

Hey, he wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Just walked right into the Starbucks.

“Jesus Christ, I need a tranquilizer.”

Devon had taken reprieve in the kitchen, after escorting Sonnet to the table, under the guise of helping with last minute preparations. When he had picked her up that afternoon, he had not expected her to look… to look like that! The thought made his stomach do a merry little flip and a flop, just to further jangle his nerves.

“I’ve got some of those little blue pills if you really think you need—” Caleb paused while stirring the pasta, shooting Devon a ‘look’. “Not those blue pills, you pervert!” In fact, the whole topic just sort of washed away. Devon didn’t like being in the kitchen, not since that day. And he definitely didn’t like any subjects approaching a lewd nature to be discussed with Caleb.

So instead he grabbed a couple of oven mitts and made himself useful.

Dinner was the usual laid back affair, though like always grace was said. Jokes said ‘round the table, a few amusing anecdotes and the typical two or three drunken idiot stories that always graced their presence when there was a police officer around. He swore Jane lived off those jokes. But there was still one problem during this whole affair.

Sonnet Tennyson.

She was right there, the entire time! It was enough to make him feel like squirming. And he knew that it did not go unnoticed by his family members, which made it that much worse. They knew what had happened, what he had done to Lucy, yet they still welcomed him back with open arms. There was a niggling voice of paranoia, deep in the back of his mind, which he wanted to shout at. They weren’t out to get him, damn it! This was his family, not some bunch of two-bit low lifes off the street.

His reprieve came in the way of Benny’s phone call. He needed out of the dining room, and was motioned off with a hand by… John? That was more than confusing, especially when the man took Sonnet’s plate and murmured something in her ear. What the hell was going on?

“She’s waiting on the patio.” That was all he had to say. It was like a lightning flash; he was off down the hall before he even realized it. That barely made Devon pause. John had played him like a fiddle! They all had. Trying not to huff in dismay, he decided that it was a good idea to merely join Sonnet on the patio, and see where this went. He couldn’t take much more of this.

Why did she look so lonely, standing there? As if the woman had nothing better to do than stare out at the inclement weather. It brought a slight frown to Devon’s features, wishing that she did not feel the need to act this way. Over the last three weeks, he found himself learning every little quirk and preference that the woman had. Hell, he even knew how her mother liked her eggs! But the short separation was killing him inside. Definitely couldn’t continue his people-watching hobby now.

“Hi.” Such a contrite phrase. Biting back a sigh, he cupped her shoulders gently, running his thumbs across her clavicle. He knew the area was tender and tight from her injury. Sometimes it helped.

“Devon Holmes, I want to know right now why you’ve been acting like a compl—” What the hell was this?! He blinked in dismay at the sudden outburst, but couldn’t hold himself back when she spun about to glare at him. It wasn’t the tirade delivered from her lips; it was the lips. The way her mouth moved when she formed her words. It completely entranced him. Enough that he needed to know what it felt like to kiss her without a silly costume on.

So he did.

Sonnet didn’t resist! Mentally cheering at this turn of events, his arms eventually wound their way about her waist, gently caressing her lower back. The taste was of pure heaven, and of the sparkling cider she had drank during dinner. The combination was heady and intoxicating, leaving him dizzy and breathless. Or was that the kiss?

They broke off when air became a necessity, Devon’s chest rising and falling deeply in an effort to regain the air he had lost. But damn, it was a worthy sacrifice! His arms tightened that much more, drawing Sonnet even closer, before his brow rested against hers. He couldn’t take much more of this; nor would he be stealing kisses when she was angry. That just wasn’t a possibility for him, not any more.

“Have dinner with me.” Devon’s voice was a low rumble, daring to take a peek into Sonnet’s gaze. “Not like today,” he managed to murmur, catching the look in her eyes as they darted toward the house. “Just you. And me. Dinner wherever.” Alone.

But before she answered, he dared to sneak another quick kiss, in case it was his last.

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