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Devon | Caleb
Nefarious Acts
Tue Feb 14, 2006 18:46

What the hell! This bloke would yell at him, but not Sonnet? Hmph.

Devon listened to the one-sided conversation for a myriad of reasons. Mainly to make certain that the female officer was all right, because obviously her just-add-water brother was in fine form.

“Absolutely, love. Just find a way to the airport. I love you.” Well, at least Devon wasn’t going to have to point out the difficult nature of that order. Sonnet knew better than most people, except for perhaps the residents, how devastating a natural disaster really could be. Even if she was emotionally distraught at the moment. Damn, he never thought he’d see something get under her skin this badly!

Oooh, phone!

“Rick?” Pace pace. No, it wasn’t Rick. It was still the idiot with the bullhorn. Uhm… “Listen, give that guy a lift if you can, all right? As far as you’re going.” If not further… Then he was cut off, because someone took a hold of the frequency. “Thanks Rick, I owe you one.” Pause, features canting to one side. “No, never been.” Why would he have ever gone out west? This guy was hinting at something, and for the life of him, Devon couldn’t pick up on it. “Listen, I need to free the line for her. I’ll call you later in the week.” Click!

By this time, Sonnet had disappeared from the living room, apparently having shambled into the kitchen. Wait… why? It was still early, they could rest before work, instead of doing some damned household duty. Frowning at the woman’s back while she made some… Yikes, instant coffee. She must have wanted caffeine right now to put up with that horrifying taste. He just used it for iced coffee smoothies during the summer when the boys were visiting. What better way than to send them home hyped up on coffee, sugar, and ice cream? Exactly.

Reaching for the woman, the frown creasing his brow only deepened, feeling the tremor working through her shoulders. That wasn’t because of him, was it? No, likely not, judging by all the little instant coffee grounds scattered across the countertop. Maybe she needed some hard liquor instead.

“He’ll be fine, Officer Tennyson.” Devon didn’t know why he used her title, except that maybe it would pull her out of the haze that she seemed to be mired in. His fingers gently stroked Sonnet’s shoulders, feeling the tension that coursed through her smaller frame.

“I know… it’s just—”

For a brief moment, Devon wondered if she had even completed the sentence, and he was dreaming this. Because Sonnet sure had never kissed him like that! But when his fingers felt the hard Formica countertop in the kitchen, he drew back as if burned.

“Give us a chance, Luce.”

Devon’s mouth had lowered, crushing against Lucy’s in what he thought would be a passionate, well-received kiss. Her disgust had come as a surprise, though he was far too gone to worry about such a trivial little emotion. Instead, he had held her head securely between his hands, going about the seduction of a lifetime…

Oh God, what was he doing? Feeling his stomach lurch uncomfortably at the memory, Devon turned from Sonnet and sought out the sanctuary known as his living room. At least away from the kitchen he felt marginally better. Was it his turn to begin shaking like a leaf now? All of those thoughts were forgotten at the sensation of Sonnet grasping his arm lightly. Shit. He’d been so caught up in the memory…

“You are such a little idiot at times, Holmes.” The smart-assed reply, Who you callin’ little?! was never able to leave his tongue.

Though, a groan sure in the hell did.

“Huh, it didn’t break,” Devon marveled several hours later, nudging the sofa with his foot experimentally, even if he sat on it with Sonnet upon his lap. “I’m surprised.”

“What, never—” A finger against her lips silenced the rest of whatever that statement was going to be. His mind ran with the perverted thought, though.

“Never.” Really? “Really.” Smirking as his fingers lazily dragged a path along the woman’s hips, he jerked his head toward the hallway. “Shower?” The touch became a little more insistent, though nothing lewd, thanks. “I promise I won’t intrude.” Yeah, right.

Once she was off, though, Devon took a moment to grab his cell phone and ring work. Yeah, sure, they were supposed to have a shift’s warning concerning call-offs, but if he talked to the Chief, surely he’d understand… And if not? Yeah, he could bugger off. Humming along with the one muzack song the department ever bothered to buy the rights to, he waited, listening to the shower flip on in the background. Ah-ha! Fantastic.

Chief Beaumont. Nice way to answer the phone, wasn’t it?

“Chief, it’s Holmes.” If he said Devon, the man likely wouldn’t know who he was. “Listen, I need to call in today. Sonnet too.”

Any reason why? Uhm… Crap, he was using the pissed-off voice.

“Family emergency.” How much should he tell? It wasn’t his place! “We’re probably going to head over to Isabel’s before the family gets there. Had to do with the ‘quake this morning.” Right, so he didn’t say any specifics. Whew.

Ah. Wait, he was going along with this? Shit, he’d probably call up Isabel just to co-oberate the stories. Hmph. All right. I’ll put you both in for a vacation day. See me tomorrow before your shift. Click.

Devon crinkled his nose at the phone, flipping it shut. Well, that could have gone much worse than it really had. Counting himself lucky, for he had been on the wrong end of one of the Chief’s infamous ass-rippings, the phone was tossed aside, and he meandered down the hall. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Eh, screw it.

Shower time!

“No way. I’m not doing it, Caleb.” Awe, c’mon! Of course, puppy-dog eyes never worked on anyone but Lucy, and even only half the time then! Shit. “If unless Sean can go with, forget it.”


“All right.” There was no way he’d manage to smuggle Sean into that building, anyhow. Phony clearance or not! Sure, he may be able to claim that he was the interim-director of New York for a few days – what the hell was Rob thinking?! – but that didn’t mean shit with Washington. So, in interest of preserving Fowler’s job, he declined. But it was tempting.

Sulking, Caleb decided he’d be better off hiding in the basement for the time being. Besides, he was going to need practice for this damned play – which they were doing. The cast was too hyped up not to do it, damn whatever David said. He’d never attempted to sing like this before. Phantom and Camelot had both been so toned down, he could wade through it easily. But this… Yeah, totally in over his head.

Grumbling as he thumped down the steps, he hunted through the filing cabinet for the extra libretto and CD that accompanied it for the musical. Then everything had to be set up. Ugh, he hated this sometimes. Why couldn’t it just magically be punched up? Ooh, now that was an idea. Filing it away for future house upgrades, and the opportunity to play with new toys, Caleb went to put a reel on the track. But there was one already there. Frowning, he spun it back, and slapped the playback button.

Life’s so short and still we try
We taken advantage and we never realize
Thirty years just went by
It’s too late for love…

Blinking, he frowned at the tape. It wasn’t Sean’s voice, and that definitely wasn’t John. He hadn’t been down here in a while, so who in the hell was it? Things became only more muddled at hearing a woman’s voice.

That was great. Here, try this one. You and me…

Eventually, by scanning through the tape, he could hear snippets of conversation. The woman was someone named Lara, and the singer had been Bennett! “Holy shit.” That just about summed it up. “Ooh, blackmail material.” Laughing at himself for being silly, Caleb boxed the reel up and slapped a label on it. Only the notation of Benny and Lara adorned the front cover, but it was significant enough. He should make copies of that. Hah! Wouldn’t Dad just love to hear it.

Right, now where’d he put those extra reels…?

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