This is awkward
Fri Mar 10, 2017 21:05

Not a muggleborn. Zevalyn felt a small rush of disappointment, and it showed on her face, but she consoled herself with the information that he at least knew - and was best friends with - a muggle, so he wasn't totally isolated from her world as she had come to understand some people here would be. That at least was reassuring. She hoped, though, that she'd find someone else to discover everything brand new with. It was really not nearly as fun exploring the unknown if the people with you didn't find it new and exciting, too.

She opened her mouth to answer his seemingly simple question with a rather complex answer when Jen interrupted.

This was probably fair play in retaliation to her own butting into their original conversation, but it did leave her in the awkward position of not quite knowing if she should now butt out again now that she had learned the detail that she had wanted to know, or if she should consider herself part of the conversation now.

Jen didn't really seem to think so, which might have gotten awkward if they were going to be living together for seven years, but Zevalyn had it on pretty good authority that she'd be with the first years for no more than a year if she could pass enough placement exams at the end of this year to move up to intermediates for her 'second' year. She had no intention of failing those placement exams, so if she didn't get on with Jen, it would only be unpleasant for one school year. She was probably going to be spending most of it in the library trying to cover the other half of her beginner lessons anyway.

As the other two seemed to have found a bit of common ground that she did not share and they'd be working in close quarters for all seven of their Sonora years, she opted to put food in her open mouth instead of answering Ryder's question just then, and raised her eyebrows in question to show she wasn't going to think him rude if he answered Jen. Jen's question sounded more keen for an answer than Ryder's did anyway. Ryder had seemed idly curious while Jen was downright enthusiastic now, in stark contrast to her near apathy at the beginning of the conversation.

Besides, Zevalyn was in no rush to make an explanation she expected she'd need to make repeatedly over the next few weeks.

  • You make friends real quickJen, Fri Mar 10 14:54
    ďAre you a muggleborn, too?Ē a girl asked out of nowhere. Jen glanced at her, preparing to frown disapprovingly in her direction - so maybe her conversation with Ryder hadnít exactly been private,... more
    • This is awkward — Zevalyn, Fri Mar 10 21:05
      • Trying to make things less awkward...Ryder, Sun Mar 19 22:45
        While Ryder was waiting for Zevalyn to respond to him, Jen seemed ecstatic about his reply and began asking questions about skating. Zevalyn raised her eyebrows at him, which left Ryder in the... more
        • Okay, less awkward, whateverJen, Wed Mar 22 05:35
          He brought his board with him. Ryder had a skateboard, and he had it with him. Why did her mom hate her? Why? His skateboard was in his dorm room, right now. Jen's skateboard was in her bedroom at... more
          • Maybe for youZevalyn , Wed Mar 22 09:12
            After the earlier brush off and obvious interest both her Housemates had in skate boarding, she was uncertain whether or not declining Ryder's offer to teach her would result in being instantly... more
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