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Jozua Sparks
Continuing to overshare
Wed May 31, 2017 14:27

Jozua twisted his expression into uncertainty and wiggled his hand out in front of him. "We've got immigrants," he admitted. "I know of one from the Netherlands in the form of my mother, but," he shook his head, "you may be out of luck in the Saskatchewan hermit-knowers category."

Joe's explanation about wheeled machines did not really make much sense to Jozua, but that may have just been a misunderstanding of Jozua's question. Little involving muggles made much sense to him anyway so he just dismissed the whole idea and stuck with his personal theory that muggles simply didn't have plazas with more than one level of shops. Wheeled machines wouldn't get anybody up to the second level of anything so Joe maybe could not comprehend a shopping plaza with more than one floor and so just told him how they got to the plaza as a whole.

"Ah," Jozua said when Joe stated his origins. Jozua was from Oregon and his family traveled a lot so he knew perfectly well what country Calgary was in, but he supposed not everyone had as good an education in geography as he did so he tried not to hold it against Joe for thinking Jozua needed the clarification.

This was forgotten a moment later when Joe continued talking about the the drawbacks of his own hometown and Jozua's eyebrows beetles together in baffled confusion, "You - uh. Why would you hide a book in a hamper just because you're suddenly babysitting?"

He was missing something, he knew he was missing something important in there, but he could not figure out what it could possibly be.

"Oh-" he said suddenly, getting it. "It was a muggle kid and a magic book." Wow. Yeah. The idea that a muggle- not even a muggleborn, an actual muggle - might knock on his parent's door was entirely anathema to him. The person would have to be obliviated just for stepping on the property nevermind anything they might see inside.

He shook his head, still a bit shocked by the idea of unexpected muggle encounters happening at Joe's home, and said, "No, I'm an only child. And aside from some Dutch parties with my mom's family, where I could beg language barrier excuses, my folks never much worried too much about getting me socialized. The Sparks have a long history of eccentricities and, um, disasters, that date back to the town founding, and nobody has forgiven us for the Angry Sinkhole of 1791 or the Blue Fire of 1816 or the Explosion of 1866 or the Dancing Fires of 1923 or the Laughing Fire of 1982 - that was my aforementioned granddad that people hold against me - so we mostly keep to ourselves whenever possible and try to be invisible." Jozua was quiet a moment, letting that sink in then added, "'Sparks' was an earned surname."

  • Thank you, I quite agree.Joe Umland , Sun May 28 11:47
    “Hm, probably not,” agreed Joe when Jozua got really specific about a drawback of life in Aladren. “Unless you’ve got immigrants of a certain age from Saskatchewan. My granddad might know them. I... more
    • Continuing to overshare — Jozua Sparks, Wed May 31 14:27
      • Continuing to ask questions.Joe Umland, Wed May 31 16:03
        Jozua’s mother was from the Netherlands*? Well, that was not something he thought one heard every day. Joe knew this was probably not interesting if one was used to it, but he still considered this... more
        • Continuing to answerJozua, Thu Jun 1 10:07
          Jozua nodded in understanding as Joe explained the dangers of hysterical people who didn't slow down to think about things before jumping to wrong conclusions. He might not know any muggle mothers... more
          • Contemplating the future.Joe, Thu Jun 1 18:04
            “I see your dad’s point,” said Joe, amused, as Jozua continued into his family’s insurance woes. “I’d be mad if my bills went up because John set something on fire.” Not quite the same thing, of... more
            • Uh-oh, Cleo and Amelia are catching upJozua, Fri Jun 2 08:37
              Jozua laughed, "Well if you're learning your trade from him and he just set the whole town on fire because the spell he was inventing did exactly what it was supposed to do, they might be justified... more
              • Can't allow that to happen.Joe, Fri Jun 2 14:10
                Joe was not as touchy about money and politics as some of his siblings were, but he still wasn’t quite sure what he thought of Jozua’s blunt statement that his mother was rich and that high insurance ... more
                • I think we wonJozua, Fri Jun 9 13:00
                  Joe had already been moving up out of the 'acquaintance' circle and into solid 'friend' territory, but learning he had also been disappointed to learn Great Explorer and Knight were no longer viable... more
                  • Looks like it. Go us!Joe, Mon Jun 12 10:43
                    Joe was not sure he’d ever had anyone ever announce they were friends before, but he could see the advantages of the approach. He nodded. “Very good,” he said. “We failed knights of the world have to ... more
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