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Food Maps
Fri Aug 25, 2017 15:59

Parker heard where she lived and picked up Vole- something - aya and Dare something-a. He wasn't sure if that was a place that was somewhere he had learned about in class and missed, but he felt it might be a smaller community. Also, it seemed to him there were a lot of a's ending words in Russian. Then she started explaining and said Alaska Parker jumped up a bit. Parker knew Alaska. It was on most maps in classrooms down in the corner, and he liked looking at the maps when he got bored or antsy. He did not know about it belonging to Russia before it belonged to the United States. He wondered when the US bought it. Obviously soon enough that the women in Tatiana's town don't speak to Americans though. But if she was from Alaska. But wasn't she American having been born in Alaska? Maybe the wizard world had different boundaries.
Tanushka... Parker wasn't sure who that was, but from the way Tatiana was saying it like her family talking to her even though that didn't sound like a nickname at all. JJ shortened John Jr. Tanushka was just as long as Tatiana.
"Who is Tanushka? Is that you?" Parker asked. If she was called Tanushka he wanted to make sure he called her that and not Tatiana.
Then she said the Vole word again, or something similar and Tatiana (Tanushka?) said it meant wizard so Parker tried to say it as well.
"VoleSHEDnicki" He then repeated it again two times. That one he might have to practice more than three times. Maggly he got, it was close enough to Muggle.
"My umm Maggly family lives in Nevada, near Lake Tahoe." Parker took the goblet and held it up, "Lake Tahoe in California". He then grabbed a plate with bread on it placing it to the right of the cup "Sierra Nevada Mountains". He looked around the table and grabbed two shakers that he figured were salt and pepper (or at least like salt and pepper). He held up the Salt shaker,"Reno, Nevada" he said placing it to the right of the plate with bread on it. Then took the other shaker "Sheridan, Nevada" and placed it closer to them away from Reno shaker, and a bit closer to the plate of bread.
"That's where my mom, dad, and Lyssa live," Parker said. "JJ is going to live in Oregon somewhere. I don't remember where." He started moving the things back to where they were on the table before he realized he had not mentioned JJ before.
"Oh, JJ is my older brother. Short name for John Jr," Parker said,"Umm... I probably won't talk to him while I'm here."
Parker hesitated before he spoke again, but something had been on his mind since their first encounter, something that he hadn't asked Sullivan who was also Muggle born.
"So you come from a wizard family, is being Maggly a bad thing to other VoleSHEDnicki?"
Whether it was or not, Parker was pretty sure he was going to have to prove to others that he belonged here, not just himself.
Parker took a bite of the chicken that was still on his plate as he looked to Tatiana(Tanushka), leaning close to his plate to make sure none of it fell in his lap.

  • That could be good or bad.Tatiana, Fri Aug 25 14:30
    No magic. Tatiana still could not get her head around that no matter how many times it was explained to her, kind of like all the extra words in English. How did people function with no magic?... more
    • Food Maps — Parker, Fri Aug 25 15:59
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