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And this year, just permanently keep the kettle on.
Wed Feb 28, 2018 22:53

Joe tried not show any particular reaction after hearing all the things Georgia had to add to his description of what had happened this morning and what they didn’t know about what had caused it, but it made him feel sorry for her. The cliquey ones, using the wording ‘don’t like’ as opposed to the more neutral ‘barely register,’ potentially being picked on...of course, she was saying that it didn’t seem likely, but still.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, though, when Professor Xavier mentioned a prankster on the loose. There was? Who could it be? His first thought, somewhat guiltily - the man was his friend, after all - was of Jozua, but Jozua had mentioned feeling the need to walk the line now that he had a prefect’s badge at the Feast. Plus, Jozua had never really targeted other people, just blown stuff up for the fun of it - Joe often thought it was fortunate that Jozua was his friend rather than John’s - and Joe couldn’t believe he would make the teacup say the stuff it just had. That had to be someone else, not anyone in Teppenpaw. He was living proof that not all Teppenpaws were exactly cream puffs, but still. There were limits. That had crossed them.

“Of course, sir,” he said neutrally when Professor Xavier asked them, indirectly, to look for suspicious behavior and report it if they spotted any. He sort of hoped, despite whoever it was having decided to isolate him from the table, that he didn’t collect any clues. If someone was targeting the prefects then obviously he wanted that ended, but on the other hand, nobody liked a narc, and Joe wanted to be Head Boy.

As Professor Xavier retreated, Joe smiled a bit wanly at Georgia. “Well, if we weren’t awake before, we are now,” he joked. “You said you were coming to talk to me before...the table went crazy?” he asked.

  • Keep calm and carry onNathan Xavier, Wed Feb 28 10:01
    Nathan listened to first Joe then Georgia explain the situation with varying degrees of clarity. The take away seemed to be that someone had charmed Joe’s teacup to say mean things about Georgia, but ... more
    • And this year, just permanently keep the kettle on. — Joe, Wed Feb 28 22:53
      • Georgia nodded her assurances that she would keep an eye out, whilst definitely resolving to keep her head down and avoid noticing as much as possible. They were being pranked without having done... more
        • Try tea glasses?Joe, Fri Mar 2 12:34
          “Not really options for me,” joked Joe. “Dad drinks coffee, but I think my mom would disown any of us kids who gave up tea.” Especially if they then took up coffee. Tea stimulated and soothed all at... more
          • “Wow, your family sound strict,” Georgia joked when Joe mentioned that tea was basically mandatory. “I don’t really like coffee much either so I guess I’ll just go for being a bit dozy sometimes.... more
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