.... neat?
Wed Jan 16, 2019 07:48

Zara grinned upon hearing Johana-Leonie utter the word "cool," or something very like it. If she had mastered that word already, they would be just fine.

"At home," Zara replied, when Johana-Leonie asked about her sister. "Sister likes home. Likes being with family. I do too," she added hastily, not wanting to make Johana-Leonie think Zara had family problems, "but I also like... new things. Meet new people," she indicated Johana-Leonie and the general population of the hall, "See new places," she gestured at the room.

"I like your family,” she added with evident excitement and enthusiasm, when Johana-Leonie mentioned the principle of treating people. She could have hugged her. For all their language barriers, they clearly agreed on some very important things. And had been able to get to know that in spite of the difficulty in communicating. Zara grinned from ear to ear, feeling warm and happy about all those things. And also curious. “That’s allowed?” she asked. “Here.. In America za… z- magical people,” she shrugged giving up on recalling the word Johana-Leonie had used, “cannot give potions to Muggles. Or… your family does potions and muggle medicine?” she asked, wondering whether Johana-Leonie was also dual-heritage.

Ah. School. Darn. Now that Johana-Leonie had said that it seemed the obvious conclusion from what she had said. She was about to shake her head, when her roommate rattled off a sentence in her own language, which Zara really hoped she was not meant to understand and then started pointing at things and speaking slowly and clearly in single words. Oh… they were… teaching each other words? Ok. But then they were back to the subject of her parents, and she wasn’t sure whether that mime had been a part of Johana-Leonie’s guess about that or… something else.

“No. Not teachers. Not school…. Uh. A…. place. Teach magical about Muggles. Um… Muggle music. Muggle art. Famous Muggle people. Share it with magical people.”

  • Nein, Nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Jan 14 21:31
    "Ja, coole," Johana Leonie laughed, using the borrowed form. "Making potions! Das ist das word! Making." She was satisfied that her description of her brother was appropriate when Zara offered that... more
    • .... neat? — Zara, Wed Jan 16 07:48
      • *smiley face* Nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jan 17 16:30
        Johana Leonie was fairly certain Zara was making some pretty snipped sentences and she wasn't sure if she was more grateful or embarrassed. She was proud of her German heritage and language, but it... more
        • Nice?Zara, Fri Jan 18 06:52
          “Nice,” Zara smiled, as Johana-Leonie explained that they made both Muggle and magical remedies. The word ‘medicine’ was similar enough that she assumed Johana-Leonie was saying it in English, just... more
          • Ja! Du bist nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Jan 18 14:28
            Johana Leonie indulged in a small slump. She reached for a potato and dug into the little guy as Zara spoke and she considered her words carefully. There were bits and pieces she thought she... more
            • Aw. Thanks. You too :-)Zara, Sun Jan 20 00:34
              She seemed to have got some of the message across. It was strange just hearing single words echoed back to her of her own comments, but it seemed to be Johana-Leonie’s way of confirmed what she’d... more
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