He's fine, locked in a closet somewhere. He has a book.
Thu Feb 21, 2019 21:40

"Eh," Gary started off his response to Kir."It's just a string of really bad luck I guess. Mostly she's just already with people. But a few of the times she hasn't, I've tripped or dropped everything I was carrying, or..." he shrugged, "Other little delays that rob me of the precise opportunity that I need. To make a proper move." He sighed again, "The next thing I know, she's sitting with someone else and working with them."

The boy shook his head as Kir listed off criteria. "No, it was a silly thought. I... I just...' he slumped back down into the seat and put his head on the table. "I just can't get her out of my head. I can't function properly... I have some unfinished homework right now. It's just sitting up in my room, waiting for me to complete this fool's errand so I can focus again."

"Disney?" He inquired at Kir's response. "Disney is good. They are masterful storytellers and an excellent source for ideas." He stood once more. "That should at least give me somewhere to go when the standard conversational lull occurs. Assuming of course that I actually get the chance to talk with her again." A little grin showed on Gary's face, "Thanks Kir. I guess I'd better get that homework finished, and come up with my next plan."

  • “Goes wrong how?” Kir asked, when Gary mentioned bad luck both with partnering Jasmine in class and speaking to her just now. “I mean… I suspect something like that exists,” he commented, when Gary... more
    • He's fine, locked in a closet somewhere. He has a book. — Gary, Thu Feb 21 21:40
      • Phew. So long as he has a book.Kir, Sat Feb 23 20:38
        Kir wondered whether, subconsciously, Gary was sabotaging himself. He wanted to talk to Jasmine, of course he did, but it was tempting to leave it up to fate - to sit with her the next time there’s a ... more
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