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Ah, yes of course.
Tue May 28, 2019 18:39

Julieta smiled gratefully. She'd been worried about some of the cultural differences that might prejudice others against them for any number of reasons, and she'd been worried that Felipe would take the brunt of it at school. So far, that didn't seem to be the case. If the parents of students at Sonora were so flexible and understanding as these, then surely it was a school that attracted only the best. Of course, it didn't exactly sound like the Hayles were attracted to the school so much as forced there. Still, it was a welcome contradiction to her original fears.

She also hadn't expected Ilefonso to find someone to talk shop with, and was glad about that as well. He worked too hard, gave too much, and rarely made time for his own interests. Felipe did take the brunt of that, as did she and Leonor to a lesser extent. It wasn't precisely his fault, though, and Julieta was as much in love with him now as she'd been when they were children. Maybe more. How could you not love a man who cared so much for everyone else that he was entirely susceptible to the love of others to support him? There was beauty in his interdependence, and humility.

"Crotalus? That's where Felipe is too!" Ilefonso couldn't have grinned any bigger if he'd tried, and he looked excitedly from Arthur and Rosalie to his own wife and daughter. "I can't believe our luck running into you here! That truly warms my heart." He looked ready to burst, or wrap the entire Hayles family in a massive bear hug, but thankfully decided against it.

"Business may be a strong word," Julieta chuckled, encouraging another sheepish smile on her husband's face.

He nodded, chuckling as well. "It's true. We mostly work in agriculture and provide jobs, land, produce, and livestock for our people. Los Jardines de Plata, our estate, is in a fairly remote part of eastern Mexico, and the main goal of our work is to make sure that the surrounding areas are self-sustaining," he explained. "Primarily, my job is to manage the area and the workers, and to manage inventory. We're more involved in politics than business if I'm perfectly honest." Which he was. He always was.

Julieta shook her head. "Politics means something different here I think," she reminded him, thinking both of the country and the world of the people they were speaking with. "We run a small area of the country," she said. "Our business is the livelihood of our people."

  • Or a woman’s.Arthur and Ros, Tue May 28 17:18
    “Oh, it’s quite all right,” said Ros, smiling at the little girl reflexively. It was easy to smile at a little girl, even...knowing...what she was. Arthur, predictably, looked intrigued by what the... more
    • Ah, yes of course. — The De Matteos, Tue May 28 18:39
      • For a moment, Arthur was sincerely concerned that the strange man might try to hug him, and he was very relieved when Ilefonso refrained from doing so. "Yes, it is quite a coincidence," he said,... more
        • Is that your slogan? The De Matteos, Wed May 29 01:23
          "That's wonderful," Julieta crowed, excited by Rosalie's family's work. "It's so important to be invested in education and growth. Mira lo maravillosos que son, Ilefonso," she added to her husband.... more
          • Just an abbreviated quote from Dior.Arthur and Ros, Wed May 29 15:43
            "Of course," agreed Ros with a smile when Ilefonso joked about Crotalus' quality being evident simply from Jessica and his boy being in it. Ros did not actually consider this an entirely facetious... more
            • Oh, that's handy!The De Matteos, Wed May 29 18:53
              Ilefonso relaxed, glad that the Hayles family seemed satisfied by their explanation. He nodded his agreement that Jessica was a good girl, as convinced by her association with his son as he was by... more
              • And it has a good ring to it.Arthur and Ros, Thu May 30 13:23
                Hospitality was a virtue in both their cultures, but Arthur was still slightly surprised by Julieta’s invitation to people she had just met, and whose daughter she only knew through comments from... more
                • Perhaps it's not the only ring to think of. The De Matteos, Thu May 30 15:31
                  "That would be perfect! How much experience do you have with wizarding communication? Our community is fairly remote, and you probably can't reach us by phone or email," Ilefonso said, aware from his ... more
                  • Intriguingly vague statement.Arthur and Ros, Thu May 30 20:24
                    Ros had assumed both the De Matteos' offer and Arthur's reply had been purely polite gestures, and so was surprised by the enthusiasm with which Ilefonso replied in turn. Arthur looked less... more
                    • I wouldn't want to push, but...The De Matteos, Thu May 30 21:46
                      Ilefonso accepted Arthur's card and read it quickly before tucking it into his pocket with a grin. It was the little, non-magical gestures that meant so much to Muggles. Then, reaching into his wand... more
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