Mary Brooding
Less obviously than you'd think.
Thu May 30, 2019 01:57

"Words can be very damaging," Mary agreed. "It is important that people are kind and understanding when people are different than they are. It's one thing if someone doesn't like my teaching style but it's different if they say I'm a bad teacher. They can like a different teacher better and I can still be a good teacher." She shrugged not sure what else to say about that. It felt like a relevant parallel.

She doubted that Dorian's parents would care much for schoolyard gossip but that didn't mean they wouldn't react to it. Reputation building was important in the circles Dorian ran in, whether or not the people spreading them were worth the notice. Émilie seemed to care more about Dorian himself than the things he got up to though, which was a high mark of love. Still, Mary found herself hesitating.

She nodded, agreeing that the Teppenpaw sometimes struggled to say what was wrong, and that he wanted to care for others with his careful words.

"I try not to make guesses about students," she said, guessing through a have of uncertainty. "If I do, then I take away the chance for them to surprise me or tell me important things. And like I said, my job is to help them learn how to be ready for the world. It's important they learn how to communicate what they mean."

She fixed Émilie with a playfully stern expression, cocking an eyebrow and smirking. The thought that maybe, just maybe, Émilie, was on a reconnaissance mission to find out whether Mary knew anything crossed her mind, but she didn't want to bet on it.

"You know what that means, right?" She kept her usual warm smile in place, but it was easier. On one hand, she was talking to a student and trying to get them to open up. On the other, she was just chatting with a friend on the floor. "It means I have to hold you and him to the same exact standard. None of these covered up answers. Tell me: what is it about Dorian that he either told me or I guessed?"

  • But it's so obviouspy wrongÉmilie, Thu May 30 01:28
    "Dorian will not do anything," Émilie confirmed, "He isn't a bad person, and with this situation... There is nothing he can do. I worry more about others. That before he grows up and gets over this,... more
    • Less obviously than you'd think. — Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 01:57
      • Émilie opened her mouth and closed it again without saying anything. This was quite an impressive feat for the Professor to have achieved. She scrunched up her mouth. Hadn’t she thought how little... more
        • Ah, but what if you saw it through mine? Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 12:05
          The skies had opened up and deposited a greatness in Émilie Montoir, presumably upon her birth. Mary suspected it wasn't the first time that both her great ability to love and her great ability to... more
          • It might get rather more straight forwardÉmilie, Thu May 30 19:01
            Émilie waited nervously. She sort of wanted Professor Brooding to laugh and just say she was being silly, and whatever could she possibly mean? To simply not even understand, because Émilie had made... more
            • I agree with you there. Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 19:23
              Mary wasn't really surprised by the girl's outburst, but it did go a long way towards saddening her, which in turn made her arms ache to just wrap her up in a big squishy cuddle hug and hold onto her ... more
              • You should agree about a lot moreÉmilie, Fri May 31 04:56
                "Stop it!" Émilie snapped, as Professor Brooding tried to, of all things, reason with her. As Professor Brooding, sentence by sentence, made the situation worse, rather than better. Far from... more
                • Many things, yes.Mary Brooding, Fri May 31 10:21
                  The most important thing Émilie had done was stay exactly where she was. She was angry and scared and hurt, but she hadn't left the hall or even stood up. She also wasn't making very good arguments... more
                  • A lot more than you realise, I thinkÉmilie, Fri May 31 19:52
                    What made her think it was wrong? Had Émilie not just listed several reasons plainly and clearly? Reasons which the Professor was now batting aside as if they were nothing - as if she hadn’t even... more
                    • On that, I will not be flexible. Professor Mary Brooding, Fri May 31 22:07
                      Mary was saved both from her frustration and from having to reply to all of the Things that were happening by Dorian's approach. Of course, that also spared her ever having to cover up the fact that... more
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