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You can only expect so much of mere mortals.
Mon Jun 11, 2018 16:54

“Siblings do help,” agreed Joe when Georgia explained why passing the blame didn’t often work for her. “Of course, with mine, it usually was John’s fault, or Paul’s, so I didn’t so much have to pass the blame as decide whether or not I would take one for the team.”

The approval and gratitude of one’s older siblings was a heady thing, after all, when one was seven or eight - and, besides, the youngest, able to charm his way out of most punishment. What would have been disrespect in one of the older ones was sometimes indulgently passed off as precociousness in him. Not much - his parents weren’t like that - but sometimes, just as John sometimes got away with things on the implicit understanding (somewhat incorrect - but even Joe and the others couldn’t say for sure when it was the case and when not, so how should Mom and Dad do so?) that he couldn’t help it - that the undesired behavior had been the result of some defect of nature, not deliberate willfulness.

“Yeah, something like that,” said Joe. “Though on the bright side, that makes it really easy to ignore the Pecaris.”

Joe tipped an imaginary hat to Georgia when she thanked him for outlining her essay for her. “Any time,” he said. He and John typically disagreed sharply on matters related to school, but Joe did agree with his brother on the subject of class essays - after someone mastered the basics of rhetorical writing, they were basically useless, their function equally well but more quickly filled by taking notes. Extra effort was needed for theory essays, but ethics just required a little flowery wording. He nodded to the comment about his mother. “She’s the best,” he agreed.

”I guess I should let you get back to your homework,” said Georgia, and Joe took that as a hint that he had overstayed his welcome. Rising, he was therefore surprised to hear her suddenly babbling about his (nonexistent) girlfriend.

“No,” he said when this rounded off in a question. “Raine - well, I thought of it, but she doesn’t like the whole prefect dance idea, so - “ Joe shrugged, realizing it had been a long time since he had even thought about the prefect dance, or the Ball at all. In all the hubbub of everyone being ill and keeping up with his studies and writing back and forth home and obsessing over his family’s ability to function without him at Christmas, the event had simply fallen off his internal radar. “How about you?” he asked.

  • “Ooh, how about screwing up but then bluffing your way through it? I guess there’s also ‘trying to pass the blame’ but that doesn’t work so well when you’re an only child so I’ve never had much... more
    • You can only expect so much of mere mortals. — Joe, Mon Jun 11 16:54
      • Worst case scenario...Georgia, Tue Jun 12 06:01
        He wasn’t going with Raine. She supposed that should technically count as good news. But clearly he had wanted to. This hadn’t exactly been a scenario Georgia had pictured herself dealing with. She... more
        • Joe honestly didn’t know if he’d really wanted to go to the Ball with Raine – it was all complicated, as were most things involving non-familial female people these days, the one curious exception... more
          • There is still a plague thoughGeorgia, Fri Jun 29 07:11
            She wasn’t sure whether he really meant his first remark. Well, ok, she was pretty sure he would survive. But he seemed to brush the thing off so casually, and she wasn’t sure if that was real.... more
            • I’ll take my chances.Joe, Fri Jun 29 19:15
              Georgia was, it had to be said, not his type physically – at least to the extent he was aware of having one. If he was quite honest, the things that popped to mind when he thought of specifics were... more
              • Ooh, did you know....Georgia, Fri Jun 29 21:30
                (OOC - CW: Georgia’s views are deliberately a little bit blinkered and heteronormative, along with the language she uses, cos she’s a straight, sheltered teenage girl). This definitely could be... more
                • I did not, thanks for saying Joe, Fri Jun 29 22:15
                  People coupling up. People did that, didn’t they? Joe had never really thought about it, but of course people would do that – the fact that the Ball was seared into his memory as a source of... more
                  • Is this information.... useful to you?Georgia, Fri Jun 29 23:02
                    “Right, sounds good,” she nodded. She really should not have said anything about Kir, because Joe was rambling and she’d clearly made him uncomfortable, although she wasn’t sure why. Maybe he wasn’t... more
                    • “That’s good of you,” said Joe when Georgia defended herself against an accusation of homophobia which he hadn’t actually made. “It’s usually best just to leave people’s private lives to them.” God... more
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