Yeah, that's not how things work in my world.
Thu Feb 7, 2019 18:24

Spinning was not, Jessica thought, a particularly good description of what her head was doing right now. The room was tilting here and there, and she was tilting there and here, opposite, like she was trying to throw her weight to one side of a boat which had started to sink on the other. She dug her nails into her arms, seeking balance. The school counselor had told her to focus on the five senses when she felt like this, and physical feeling was especially helpful for her.

"Privileges," repeated Jessica, just as flatly as the professor had, just as confident that she was in the right and that she was dealing with an utter idiot.

Learning wasn’t a privilege. Admittedly, she didn’t think the Constitution actually had anything about education in it, but there were all sorts of laws about educational neglect. Those were meant for poor people, of course – the sort of people who ended up being arrested because they didn’t even monitor their brats enough to know that said brats were skipping school – but that didn’t mean they didn’t still technically apply to Jessica – it was just that it never would have entered her parents’ heads to allow her to be neglected. Either way, though, she had a right to a proper education, and this woman was in the way.

"This isn't how things can be," she said, still more or less calmly.

She meant to follow that immediately with a statement about knowing her rights and invoking her right to adult counsel if that was the only way to get in touch with her parents to sort this out. Instead, though, she continued, "You can't - just because I have this energy processing disorder - " this was the phrase her parents had told her to use if anyone asked where she was going; as best they could understand through all the PC gibberish from the liaison, Jessica pretty much did have something that could be described as one, and being packed off to a top-of-the-line specialist hospital made a lot more sense than abandoning the plans she'd had her whole life to go to school in such a totally insignificant place as Arizona - "or whatever it is, there's nothing wrong with my brain!" This time, there was no masking that she was close to the brink of hysteria. "And I never needed five special ed classes a day before and I never imploded, so just because the others here are sick enough that they need that doesn't mean that I am!"

  • I'll decide what is and what isn'tProfessor Skies, Wed Feb 6 20:56
    Yelling at students for being idiots was almost always counterproductive. Often severely tempting, but counterproductive nonetheless. Selina reminded herself of this as Jessica declared a lack of... more
    • Yeah, that's not how things work in my world. — Jessica, Thu Feb 7 18:24
      • OOC - CW: poor/unhelpful reactions to anxiety. As most of Jessica’s panicking is internal and not visible, Selina’s method of dealing with her remains addressing what she can see on the surface... more
        • I'd rather be anywhere but here.Jessica, Fri Feb 8 12:44
          (CW: Another warning, pretty much whole post is a depiction of an anxiety attack.) IC Jessica’s grip on her arm was becoming painful, but it wasn’t steadying her up. At least, not enough. It was... more
          • Not currently an optionProfessor Skies, Fri Feb 8 22:50
            At first, it simply looked like someone had placed a freezing charm on Jessica. She had gone… overly still. And then- BANG. Selina jumped at the noise too. However much one was prepared for the fact... more
            • Breathe in and out slowly. What a brilliant suggestion! As if Jessica would not have thought to do that herself, had she been physically capable of doing so! As if that wasn’t what she wanted to be... more
              • Let's take a break and try again laterDH Skies, Sun Feb 17 04:52
                Gradually, Jessica’s sobs subsided and her breathing returned to normal. As she hadn’t been roughly pushed away, Selina waited, crouched beside her chair, with a hand lightly stroking her back. She... more
                • A picture’s worth a thousand words.Jessica, Tue Feb 19 11:10
                  Carrot and stick. It was a very basic strategy, and - to Jessica’s indignation- it worked even when she knew it was what someone was doing to her. Breaking her down, then showing kindness and... more
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