So my new identity has friends. That’s good.
Tue Apr 23, 2019 06:07

”Yes,” said Jessica, thinking back on trips she had taken with her father and willing herself not to cry yet again. It grew so tiresome, crying, and she would exhaust her stash of eye cream before it was decent to ask for more. “I miss it,” she added sadly.

Jessica was not sure why Felipe laughed when admitting to a lack of skill with the written word. She supposed modesty was a thing - a thing that made her blood boil sometimes; she had worked hard to excel, back when that had been possible, and she had always resented Mommy’s insistence that a lady did not brag on herself and that she did demur a little even if someone else bragged on her - but Felipe was a boy, and from Not Georgia, so why would he bother?

Admitting a genuine weakness openly never occurred to her as a thing someone might do. That was silly. Daddy had explained to her about how nothing you admitted should be the real problem when she had been - what, seven, eight? Younger than Mara was now, anyway.

“I’m sure you do fine,” she said in English with a smile, soft accent thickening slightly as she used her mother’s words to respond.

”I am - but I had a fight with Mara while I was at home.” Jessica hugged herself, wondering if her sister was still angry and hoping she was not. She had not thought about it before, but - what would Mara and Lola think of her now? Maybe they would also be angry that their cousin Brent was sure to become CEO someday now, but that didn’t mean they’d care that Jessica was also angry, or care about her at all, going forward, that she was stuck being a burden on the family forever....

Jessica had never stood to gain much from caring for them, but this did not occur to her as something she could use as a basis for logical analysis of the situation. This was just how it had always been: Jessica was the oldest. Jessica was supposed to go into business and take care of the family someday. Mara and Lola were not; that wasn’t part of the Plans they were parts of. That was all.

But we’re still friends,” she added, as much for her own benefit as for his.

Every fiber of Jessica’s nature recoiled from the idea of eating after anyone. She did not do that at home and was reluctant to do so now. “You can have it,” she said. “I’ve never been all that crazy about pineapple.”

  • Absolutely!Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 22 17:04
    OOC - Italicized dialogue in Spanish unless otherwise noted. IC - Felipe supposed it made sense that there were people from other parts of the world who had had mango. He suspected it wasn't half as... more
    • So my new identity has friends. That’s good. — Jessica , Tue Apr 23 06:07
      • I can't guarantee the plural, but you've got me. Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 29 21:06
        Felipe nodded, understanding. He and his sister hadn't fought when he'd been home for the break, but they didn't always get along either. "I wouldn't normally say such things," he murmured, prefacing ... more
        • It's a good start.Jessica, Tue Apr 30 19:39
          "I wouldn't normally say such things." There was a slightly discomfiting phrase. Jessica felt a flash of anxiety. What about finding out that she had had a fight with Mara - someone who Felipe knew... more
          • Well . . . this is a start at least. Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 1 17:56
            Sonora was an odd place. Or perhaps America was. In any case, people here were so odd. What good was trying to be nice to people for manipulative purposes if it never did any good? Why was everyone... more
            • Not the worst start.Jessica, Mon May 6 19:56
              Jessica couldn't help a flash of amusement when Felipe said he wanted to learn about Americans from her. If I could figure out why these people do anything, I'd have a much better idea how I'm... more
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